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I have heard that fruits and vegetable can be unsafe here in the DR due to poor water sanitation.  I've been told only to eat fruits and veggies that I have peeled myself.  However, there are a ton of vegetables that aren't typically peeled (peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce, carrots...).  Are any of these vegetables safe to eat and, if so, what should I do to ensure that they are safe to eat (assuming I am buying them at the supermarket).  Thanks!

We wash all our veggies with bottled water before consuming them.  In 12 years never a problem

Bob K

I throw a little white vinegar in too. 14 years no issues.

Funny.... we're still living in the states and soak all our veggies in water and white vinegar before consuming. Good to know that will be effective in the DR.

How about brushing your teeth, or washing dishes? Do we need bottled water for this?


My tells me I'm crazy all the time because I never wash any fruits and vegetables (unless I actually see dirt on it)  here in the US I've been eating strawberries and blueberries everyday for probably 10 years and I never wash them so I'm either going to die early of some cancer or maybe there's nothing to worry about LOL!😂

I use tap water to brush my teet and do dishes.  Make sure dishes and glasses are dry before using again.

After a while you will build up some resistance but the first couple years you want to be careful.

Thanks, we'll be careful😊

For us bottled water for teeth brushing.  Water and vinegar (if Pat is washing them) for veggies and tap water when cooking (boiling) and dish washing  and we have tested our well water it is safe to drink but we still use bottles water for nearly everything.

Bob K

Thanks Bob, we arrive next week!

Hi Planner,
I hope all is well. You spoke of using tap water to brush teeth and wash dishes and bottled water for drinking...would a water purifier do the trick or should I just stick to bottled water? Do you use bottled water for your pets as well? If not, were there any issues? Generally if I can't drink the water I don't let my animals. Please let me know. Thanks for your time.


I use bottle water for drinking - a purifier will depend what type I think.

Dogs eat bugs, garbage, drink from puddles etc. Tap water is fine for them.  They het deparasited on a regular basis here.

No a filter is not enough.  Use only bottled water.  It is very cheap here and a 5 gal blue bottle of water here costs between 75 and 85 cents. Sometimes a bit more but never over a dollar.
Our pets drink bottled water.

Bob K

Bagged ice is fine. You can get a kit to hook up bottled water for your fridge icemaker if you want as well.

Thanks for the info. That cleared up and confusion.

Store bought Ice here is fine. 
As Planner said you can get a pump called Flo-Jet that hooks up to your big bottle of water and  your fridge ice maker.  We have used this system for 11 years with no problems.

Bob K

How do you guys wash off broccoli you get here?  Thanks again! :D

Vinegar and water,  put the water in a bowl with a bit of vinegar and drop it in.  Then  shake it off and cook it or eat it.

Cool thanks, that's what I just did :)


We clean all our veggies with vinegar and water.

Bob K

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