How does mail work in the DR?

Hello, I am moving to the Dominican Republic in less than a month and I would appreciate it if someone would be kind enough to explain to me exactly how receiving mail like packages works? Do I need to set up a USPS box and have it sent there then have it sent over to me from there? Any accurate information on this from experienced expats would be very much appreciated.

Very slowly. Xmas cards received the following June.
I have my mail sent to stateside address and pick up whenever I visit the states. For things like credit cards I ship them via FedEx 3 day shipping. You'll never get it next day so why pay for the premium service.

What if I want to purchase A computer off amazon or some other website as an example...It will take months to get to me?

Have it shipped FedEx or DHL is safest. Living here is not like what you're used to when it comes to mail. Things get "lost" all the time with the local service. Especially gifts and high ticket items

Both of those are way too expensive. For.most items use a freight forwarder. From here you open an account with a company: CPS (but not in Puerto Plata) BM cargo are two good companies.

Basically you pay by the pound so consider the weight. And don't buy online and ship anything over US 200 or you are subject to tax and duty!!!

FedEx etc are very expensive and I would only use for legal documents etc.

And I forgot mail service pretty much doesn't exist!!!

The "non existent" mail service is one of the things I love about this country.  In 10 years I have received 4 or 5 letters. Non in less than 6 months of mailing.

For shipping packages or mail I have to have I use CPS here in Sosua and am very happy with their service.

NEVER ship anything over $200 or as Planner said you will be hit with taxes (up to nearly 30%) of the value of the item on top of the shipping costs.  Having said that we did ship a 70 pound BBQ and paid the tax and shipping and the price was still $200 less than the same BBQ  here in the DR.

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I have used CPS all over this country with great service BUT not in Puerto Plata. The office was a franchise and the service sucked!!!!  I am now with BM Cargo here and so far so good.

Take note CPS that you have an issue here. Sadly the head office has paid no attention at all!!!

HI! Im hoping to find some more information about this topic. Specifically, I will be in Cabrera and am wondering about my shipping options TO the states. I understand the $200 max price point before tax but so far its been unclear on how this is determined. If I were to ship art or anything I create, how are they going to assess a value to it? Some things weigh about 20 pounds... Thanks!

PS- I am Patrick, 30, Currently in Richmond, Va

The 200 applies for shipping INTO the DR. You need to understand the exporting rules from here and the importing rules for the USA

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