Looking for driving training institute /trainer in Falaj/Sohar

Hello there,
Kindly help me to find trust worthy person for driving or driving learning institute in Falj/Sohar for getting four wheelers(Car) license, I am having  Indian license and I will pay for the trainer on hour basis.It will be easy if there is any trainer in Falaj area (most preferrable) .Do the needful.

Dear Friends,

I am also looking for driving training institute /trainer in Ruwi Area. Can any one please suggest something

I'm having a hard time getting Oman driver's license. I've a driver's license from Ghana, but it won't be changed to that of Oman as I was told by ROP. I  want to ask if I have it attested from my home embassy in Saudi and here in Oman, am I going to get the license or I have to start from the scratch i.e. go through  all rudiments of tests here in Oman.
Thank you.

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