Looking for private gynecologist in Agadir

Salaam alaykum everybody :)
i am looking for well educated gynecologist in Agadir. I found out that I am pregnant. I would be very happy for any help or advice. Have a nice day

Hello Linda, are you Czech?? I am.. Working in gynaecology in Agadir by the way😊

yes Irca .. my friend Lina is from Czech .. I think both of u are from the same country ..

Hi Irca,

I'm also looking for a Gyn in Agadir, preferable English speaking. ;-)

Can you recommend yours??



I am actually 19 weeks pregnant already and it might be time to go for a check here in Agadir. ;-)

And if any of you ladies are open for coffee/cake, that would be great too!! I miss some of the pre-natal activities you usually do in Europe. Aqua-Gym, Yoga, courses like that...

Yes, i was at doctor in Argana clinic. Horrible, dirty and very expensive experiance and nobody will see me there anymore!!! I did not see heart of baby because it is too small so absolutelly waste of money :( i should check again in 10 days because I am 5+3tt. but I think I will go next month to the czech republic where I have all high care free. I am very angry and disappointed with Argana clinic and all amateur staff there. Eventhough it is hard for me so I think i will deliver in the Czech republic and I will have to take my son from school in Agadir in March and be in czech rep 5 months. I think I would hit someone here othwerwise. BTW I would be very happy to meet up Katty ;)

Wow, sounds aweful... Now I know where I'm NOT going, thanks... ;-)

I'll send you a pm, would be great to meet you!!

Hei how are you?
The best gynaceologist I know is Sarjdine Kamal.
He was the student of the best gynaceologist of Morocco, who has his own tv show. My husband is friends with his son and he recommended Sarjdine Kamal to us. He has his own clinic.
I am 14 weeks pregnant and opting for a c-section with him. The baby is due in july. I hope you are doing very well and that this info will help you!



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