ESD Rejected Application

Hello All,

I am writing this behalf of my friend. He applied in a technology sdn bhd company. His online ESD application got rejected for that position applied. Now the company is trying to apply for him different position. My question is once the application get rejected you can't apply any longer in that company or using a different appropriate position you can apply again as a new application.

Thank You.

Note: currently he went back his country waiting for his company to contact him back. I am doing research for him to help out.

It depends why the rejection was given. If it was because he had less than 3 year's experience, then immigration's decision is unlikely to change. Did the company appeal the rejection?  Usually that would be the first step. But again that of course depends what grounds were given by immigration. In tech there can be other reasons. Typically a company would have to show they had unsucessfully advertised a position locally - this can also be grounds for rejection, if they have no proof it is necessary to hire a foreigner. Companies also have quotas based on the corporate structure and this can also cause a problem if there are too few locally recruited employees (or lack of parity in salaries).

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