need clarification

hi good day!
can somebody answer me about my inquiry...
i am working in a government instituion and my husband is working in a private company..we have two sons both are attached to my husband's iqama...can we transfer the iqama of our two sons to my iqama?
please advise me...
thank you so much...


I think it depends on your position and your eligibility. Why don't you check with your HR?


Yes you children's can be transferred to your iqama as depends, and even your husband looses job he can also be transferred to your iqama as Dependent (but he cannot work with the dependent status).

But your Iqama should be on the name of the Current Employer, and also as Conniesky said there are some conditions that you must have minimum so and so salary and good profession on your iqama to transfer depends on your iqama. This condition you can get from your HR.

thank you very much for that advice...ok i'll try to ask our HR..maybe they will allow coz im working as a staff nurse in a government facility...

Dependents are not allowed to work as per policy but there's always an "exceptional approval" by the CEO of a hospital let's say for an example or the highest office in any institution.

Usually nurses can have his/her dependents under his/her iqama. I really suggest you check your contract and your benefits and like what I've said, best department to approach is HR.


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