Salary negotiattion for expat in Sofia

Hello everybody!

This is my first post at

I'm negotiating a job position in Sofia as DSP/hardware engineer.
I'm having a quite hard work to evaluate my worth to this position.
I have about 5 years of experience and a Masters degree.

From my research, living cost would be about 1900 lev.
And engineer salaries spans from 2700 to 4600 lev/month

I'm planning to ask for about 3650 lev/month

Does this sound ok?
Is there any estimation much wrong?

Thanks guys!

in my own opinon, it would maybe be a bit too much, but can be a good negociation basis.
Regarding your background, I would say OK at 3000 leva.

Assuming all these amounts are NET.

Thanks Fratyrfro!
Good to hear that.

I still need to check any benefits and bonuses from the company.
I've made my calculation without any food and transportation benefits.
With these benefits, 3000 leva sounds quite well.

Maybe I should start asking for 3300, to have a margin for negotiating.
I do have a comfortable life here in Brazil, so I'm aiming to an upgrade in live quality.

If I were you I'd go to the Sofia Business Park and interview in person with a number of companies. Then I'd suggest and even higher salary point, 4K, and negotiate from there.

In my experience with Bulgarian job opportunities you're going to get more if you show up in person and convince them in person. There's numerous experienced software engineers and IT types making 4-5K per month.

It's not just living costs...which are cheap. I'm from CA, you're from Brazil it seems. You have to consider how will you not only live well but also save enough to fly back to your homeland. It's fine for me if I make 3K leva per month. That's enough to live well. But to save for airplane tickets back and forth to CA is entirely different.

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