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I am writing to you for getting help please. I have an offer to live and work in Sofia, Bulgaria. My question is what does it cost for me, my wife, and daughter (2 years old) to live in terms of housing, services, transportation, school for kid, and so on.
Thanks so much

For sure I tried to search the internet and found but I need the overall range. Thanks in advance

Hi Ragabo,

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I would like to help you with this question but prices vary a lot according to where you will be located. If  it is Sofia I can definitely give you some information.

Let me know.



You question is hard to answer as it depends on a lot of factors.
Assuming you wish to rent, would that be in or near the centre of further outside.
How many bedrooms?
Transport assume you dont run a car  is cheap in Sofia. Metro or tram cost you a Leva a pop.
Food and and drink is much cheaper than in the UK, but than again if you crave for food from home then it will eat into your budget. Fancy European produce like French cheese, Belgian chocolate, and many other things then it costs you too. Even the milk is from Germany, dont ask me why!
So, food is anything between 150-200 leva a week maybe less just depends on your menu, likes and volume.
Internet & TV 50 or so
Gym another 50 and so on and on
What kind of schooling you see for your kid, mega question, and pricey one.
How is your social life, will you go out and how often?
Just as a guess, you would need some 3000 leva net overall but that can be a guess at best to make it comfortable, but not luxurious.
It really depends on your lifestyle and no-one can answer that except yourself!

Good luck

I know a lot of families who survive on 1500 leva a month, which includes mortgage/rent of around 700 or so. Others can spend 3000 plus. 

1 bedroom central location rental is around 700-800 leva.
Food is around 100-200 a week, depending on your tastes.
Heating during winter (5-6 months) is 200-300 a month.
Electricity + water is another 50-60 a month.
Gym is around 50 a month
Internet & TV 30-50 depending on channels (all crap) and speed (all excellent)
Electrical items are same price as anywhere in Europe, perhaps slightly cheaper.

Theater/opera is around 12-15 per adult.
Museums are around 6-12 per adult.
Pools are around 10-15 per adult.
Cinema is 9 per adult, tight-arse Thursdays its 6 leva. 
Zoo is around 4 leva
Fast food is cheap, large kebabs are around 3-4 leva, hot dogs around 2, etc
All parks are free, and mostly excellent.
Private medical care is highly recommended, it's cheapest to pay cash per visit- depends on the type of doctor, around 20-30 for the regular clinics to up to 80-90 for professors at the expensive new clinics. If you're not sure about private medical, have a walk through Pirogov ("free" emergency medical hospital in the center) after 8pm

I fully agree with Stephen. Cost a like a piece of string, just depends how long you want it.
Stephen may also be your man if you seek to rent as living is most probably your single most expensive item.
For what its worth, I would not want to live on 1500 in Sofia and I have no dependants, well at least  not under 22 nor living with me, at the very least not at the moment

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