The good, the bad and the ugly sides of Honduras

I have read a lot of replies on this forum about the people of Honduras and their attitude toward gringos, I have lived many years in S.E. Asia and found most of my experiences good very little bad and rarely ugly, (here it comes) but I know to trust a person takes time and I include gringos too. I worry more about physical violence then petty crime and hatred more then some lies, I need to live where I can associate with locals and gringos alike, would appreciate any comments on living in Honduras. I am now living in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. I still wish to see Honduras and Guatemala.

We lived in Siguatepeque, a little north of Comayagua. It's at about 3400 feet, so the weather is milder than on the coast. I don't understand why so many people want to live on the coast-too humid, too crowded and too expensive. Sigua is about 35000 people, so it has just about everything you need. Also, quite a few Americans have retired there. The mountains up to 6500 feet are the best!!!

You're right, I lived in and near Ceiba, and it was hard to deal with the extreme summers, just awful

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