work visa initial approval processing time

how much long it will take to get the approval for work permit initial approval ?
Please give the information, if it is applied by employer on 15th Aug 2017.

and offer is awaited until get the approval of work permit to employer.
pls suggest.

how can i check my approval process status?

i have no application request no, bcoz it is applied through employer.

What time opruval in works pair
I'm working in Malaysia on tourist to apply my visa convert in works permit

Kushik - you need to leave the country while the work permit/foreign worker pass is being processed. It is a new rule which started in August 2016.

What's new rules of Malaysia immigration of work parmit

The application (Stage I) by the employer to immigration, has to be done while you are not in Malaysia. Once the work permit is approved, then you can re-enter and the employer will get the wp endorsed (Stage II) in your passport.

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If the employer submits the application while you are still in Malaysia (they can see this because a copy of every page of the passport has to be provided) then immigration will just return the application and ask you to provide proof that you have exited the country. Therefore, it causes delays to submit the appliction if not outside Malaysia.

Generally how long time is required for application stage 1 ?

About 3-4 weeks to get Stage I approval (as long as the employer submits the correct papers and there are no Public Holidays - there are 2 upcoming this week). A lot depends on the volume of applications and backlog at various approval stages.  Getting a Visa with Reference VDR can take a long time (1-2 months). That may be a requirement to enter Malaysia to take up the job. Stage II takes about 2 weeks to process, once you hand your passport to the employer.

How can we check the status of stage I  ?
I have submitted the paper to employer on 16th Aug 2017.

I know the company is applied my work alarm it apply or not tell meI am in Malaysia but my company is not apply my

How much work parmit fee and how many days approval that

I think the It can be apply through employer only.

Hi, my friend's working visa has been in process.May i know how long she got to wait for the approval?
Her visa is Employment Pass.She been waiting for 2 weeks for approval. So may I know how long she got to wait for the approval? The company submitted the documents on March 27.The last replied from the company is on 04 April,the current status is "processing". And can I check the status by myself as the company reply is too slow. Thanks!

How long to wait for the approval before she can enter Malaysia again? Please help. Thank you.

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    Pls can you help me out I am confused about the Biodata screening application status success means???
Is this stage 1 complete or just they are going to apply for 1st stage ?  How long more time take to get the pass entry ?? The job I had applied was security guard.

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