What does it take to own a property

Hello, i am an American woman, single.  Is it possible to buy an aprtment in Morocco as an American, how much tax do i need to pay each year? What documents do i need to stay in Morocco 6 month each year?

Yes, its possible for housing only .

Owning a property is not a problem. Any money you transfer into the country has to be registered to make it easier if you ever want to take your money back out of Morrocco. There is no yearly tax but there are different costs and fees when purchasing and registering. A solicitor will sort that out

A tourist visa is for 3 months so you could leave and re-enter or you could apply for residency. Residency should be fine if you are married to a Moroccan and/or have money in the bank to support yourself. A pension, income from abroad or from rental property should be fine or about £5000 in Moroccan bank for a years residency

Where do you have in mind

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