Leasing a bar, good idea or not ?

In your opinion would it b wise to lease a bar


Can u give reason

If you really want to be involved with crime, prostitution, corruption, intimidation and everything else which comes with running a business in an internationally acclaimed red-light district then by all means jump right in.  Some people thrive on a life of drugs, alcohol, whores and violence.  Try to get to know the people who run things first to see how well you fit in, whether or not they will let you play and how much it will cost.

Can you give a reason for why you are considering such a move?

Thank you, where would u suggest to settle down in Thailand, am single an need a change

If you are single and plan to stay that way but want easy access to easy women, then one of the tourist towns or Bangkok would be my recommendation.  I spent twenty years single in Bangkok and thirty in total.  It was great because it had everything you could want except for nature or beaches but you can go on road trips for that.  I would also recommend staying single as long as you can and not marrying the first young lady who lifts her skirt.  It takes time to learn, so give yourself time.

You didn't say where you are from, but if from UK or US, you can come in on 30-day visa then you have to leave the country. If you are 50 years and older, you can apply for a retirement visa, but there are financial requirements that must be met like; having a pension or having money in a Thai bank.

You said something about leasing a bar.  Let me tell you there are 100's of thousands of bars here so I would think someone new that's never been to Thailand would have a tough time getting established unless you have lots of money you're willing to risk... If you're coming here and need to work then that will be tough... because you will need a work visa...

My advice would be to come for a 30-day visit. I would stay in Bangkok for a week or so somewhere on Sukhumvit Road between Nana, Asoke or Phrom Phong BTS stations, many hotels for 1,200 to 3,500 baht per night. You didn't say what your interests were so I have no idea what you would be looking to see or do. I would also plan to stay in Pattaya for a week to enjoy the culture and entertainment.

Hope that helps... no need to get into details until you have plane tickets & hotel reservations.

to much competition
economy low
u need to pay tea money
u will get extorted

If you are talking about a beer-bar then your lease will likely involve "key money" to enter into the lease. Then the lease will likely be for 3 years, meaning that you have very little time to re-coup your initial investment. A lease longer than 3 years must be registered at the Land Department, which gives the person leasing much more protection under Thai civil law. Longer (3 years +) leases are not that common in the beer bar business.

In many instances the person leasing the bar quickly finds out that it doesn't make much money and will most likely not support their living expenses, yet alone return their initial investment. In some cases the same amount of money put into the bank and drawn out on a monthly basis for living expenses, would leave the investor with more at the end of 3 years, than the amount they have left after investing in a bar. There are other issues involved, but you can refer to other posts to see some of those.

It would also be wise to understand the law regarding obtaining work permits, and whether managing the type of bar you are considering investing in would entitle you to apply for one, in most cases it would not be possible. If you do intend to move forward and lease a bar, then carry out all due diligence prior to signing anything, and understand exactly what you are getting into before you make a decision.

Good luck in your endeavours,
K. Tuenchai

By all means run a bar as a hobby rather than a get rich quick scheme which will inevitably fail , Many bars are successful if you have a crowd of good friends willing to visit often , or you run golf excursions , fishing trips,  or similar tours,  A bunch of young good looking friendly girls always helps rather than a bunch of middle aged has beens glued to their phones all day . Free food may attract the cheap charlies but keep the beer affordable and they will make it their local and return daily.

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