Job opportunities in Chon Buri-Pattaya for farang

Hello all!

My name is Dimitri, thai people call me Deem.
I am 29 and got back from Thailand 3 days ago.

The first time I went to Thailand was in 2011. I immediately fell in love with everything about the country. The people, the food, the weather, the culture in general.

In 2012 I went back to Thailand for 7 months.
I stayed a little less then 3 weeks in Phuket (I do not plan to go back there) and a few weeks in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Then about 5 months in Pattaya. I had an Education-visa and went to a language school to learn thai. I can understand and speak a little bit of thai but I got a lot more to learn.

I have 2 Belgian friends living in Chiang Mai and quite a few thai friends in Pattaya.

I find it very hard to settle again in my home country and I can't let go of the idea to work and live in Thailand.
I am thinking about this since almost 5 years now and my last trip to Thailand made me decide to go for it!

Now I know that one of the ways to live and work in The land of smiles is becoming a english teacher.
I have no experience or degrees in teaching.

One of my friends told be about a Callcenter in Northern Thailand.
I have 4 years of experience in a callcenter so that may also be something for me.
Thing is.. I'd rather stay in or around Pattaya then northern Thailand.

Does anybody know if there is a callcenter in this area, or any other jobs for farang without a degree?

Jobs in hotels are also interesting to me but I think thats almost impossible if you don't have a degree or experience..?

Any help or information is welcome!

Thanks and have a great day..!


As you came here many time, you know about job restriction for foreigners, a long list of jobs prohibited to foreigners.

Unfortunately Thailand is looking for quaified farang in specific areas where Thai can not be found, and it does cost a lot for a company as they have to offer a salary higher than Thai around 50,000 THB ( depends on nationality ) and the company to get 1 work permet should recruit 4 local people ( Thais ) and also have 2 M capital invested for each work pemit, this is a huge constraint,

Now schools or BOI companies ( like this call center .. ) have some specific agreement and can recruit more farangs without having to pay them the 50,000 THB, you can find informations about BOI on internet (  ) or in forum in expat.

If you look for jobs in Thailand you should not look just in Pattaya but everywhere..... Thailand attract lot of investors to set up business and recruit local people, but to get jobs it is not easy and nearly impossible if not qualified or you will get offer illegal like working on tourist visa without work permit, but if caught it can be the end ( blacklisted.. deportation, fine, jail,,, )

You can take an online TEFL Course ( teaching English as a foreign language) though not a degree there are many schools that will employ a TEFL certified teacher... I took the online 140 hour course & achieved 96% score you can also pay for a letter recommendation to accompany you certificate. I took the course so I could help my Thai wife with her English... Actually not a great salary as an English Teacher but will get you into employment & the best way to supplement your earnings is by giving private tuition.... Hope this helps

The only job you will get in Thailand is that of an English teacher,  providing you are a native English speaker.

Any call centres will be in Bangkok and they are scammers regularly arrested.

I don't know if the BOI requirements have changed recently, but when I applied for BOI, which I was duly rewarded with excellent benefits, I was expecting to NOT have to employ 4 Thais, NOT to have to give 51 % of my business away to a Thai, and NOT have to have 2M baht paid up capital. And my sector was in the SME section of manufacturing for export which under the BOI's at the time stated that the business could be 100% owned by me, not require 4 Thai employees and would require 500,000 paid up capital. (I was married to a Thai at the time). Beware what is posted on the BOI web site and do your own research / investigation. Doing business in Thailand is frought with unseen obstacles and dangers, You may find yourself under pressure to pay out money to people you would not expect to. Remember corruption is rife, and unless you walk in those circles it could be costly. And by the way, I was like you, loved the place, still do, but it is the last place on earth I would do any business. Retire there for sure. Good luck.

Pattaya is not Thailand it is Felang land, not a good place to go or live unless you are coming here for sex with men, ladyboys, or women, it is a place to avoid.

Every Thai person who needs money goes to Pattaya to work or to steal or to deal drugs......Get the picture my friend....

I know very well what kind of place Pattaya is and I'm not waiting for comments like yours.
I call this prejudice.
I've stayed there for months without visiting the bars and not to have sex with anyone.

Thanks for your info!!

hi my name is freddy would you be so kind of provide me the web page that you applied for online courses I am very interesting on ,,,,thanks

I am a citizen of India and 57 yrs. old. 

I am looking for teaching position in Accounting/
Business Studies subjects.

I had worked as Accounting/Commerce teacher
under Cambridge University curriculum for 7 yrs.
in the Rep. of Maldives and Accounting/Business
Studies teacher in Bangkok, Thailand for 1 yr.

Please do respond, if there are any openings in this

Thank you,

Ariaraj Daniel

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