Moving to Thailand to teach English, what area should I move to?

Hello! I'll be moving to Thailand in September getting my TEFL in October and looking for a job and a place to live in November. We originally where looking at Hua Hin, but I didn't like the idea of being 3.5hrs away from the airport. My next thought was Phuket, but I'm worried about too much tourism and high prices for living. Now my thoughts are Krabi, but I'm worried about finding a job at a local school and finding a place to live that is reasonably priced.
Any words of wisdom?

Krabi Town. Good place. I could live and teach there (if there is work) no problem.  Question is, how many people in Krabi care to learn English unless they want to get into the tourist industry sector? So focus on two approaches maybe -- ESL for professionals and ESL for fun. As far as I know, there is not a lot of out migration from paradise, so EFL would only be at the colleges for the international minded Thai citizen. So research the learner needs; and. later, have a look at the local English language skill levels. Krabi is a nice place to experience. Learn some basic Thai -- impress your learners.   dcb

Maybe Krabi Town. Chilled out place. Lots to see and do. Nice people to meet. Near a good commercial airport so you can get around. As for Hua Hin, it has trains and express buses to BK . . .  and I think that there is, or will be, a new high speed ferry from the Hua Hin area to BK.  I like Krabi -- It's a smaller place, making it easier to meet people and make friends.   dcb

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