Hello everyone,
I am Polish and I want to move to Lisbon. Actually I work in Poland but I look for a job in Portugal, using mainly Linkedin, I send a lot of CVs every week. I concentrate on the polish-spoken job offers, but not only. I realize that it is much easier to find a job when you are already in Portugal, companies take people from local market...but -because of money, I can't just quick my job now and take this risk to go to Portugal without certainly that I have a job question is : did any of you find a job through internet? did u have a skype interview?  i really would love to hear any opinion/ history of you, I wonder if this method has any chance...i hope I will find here someone who did it, it will give me hope and motivation :)

I'll ask the first question which everyone will ask you .... can you speak Portuguese ?

a little bit ( I think level A2/B1) and it is Brazilian Portuguese....but I try to learn by myself, I listen to portuguese radio, read articles, I have a plan to start classes. I know that it is essencial,that's why I plan to learn more here in Poland and move to Portugal in the beggining of next year, not earlier. On the other hand, I suppose there are international companies where English is basic language and Portuguese is not Warsaw live a lot of foreigners and they have this kid of job, so I hope there is a chance:)

I myself an expat living in Portugal and I am working in a Human Resources company as a recruiter, Actually foreign languages, especially rare to find languages like Polish, German, Chezch, Greek, Romanian etc have some demand especially for Customer Relations positions in Lisbon.

Dear Deniz,

great to hear it, thank you. Actually I apply for this kind of job with Polish, I see these offers and I hope one day I will get a job.
If you know that your company need someone with Polish,  and can hire someone not from local market, don't hesitate to contact me:) I can move to Portugal within one month,just to quit a job here and go:)


Sure, I sent you a PM, keep in touch :)

Hi Debiz88, would you happen to know any jobs available for english speaking female with basics in Portuguese.  Or any advice of where I could look ?  I've been looking and sending my cv to jobs from olx .

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