Work permit for Non EU citizens in Portugal

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I have been applying for work in Portugal and from my research, if an expat manages to find a job offer, the hiring company starts the process by applying to the Portuguese Labour Authorities for the work permit with a copy of the contract. Once completed, the expat applicant must apply for a Portuguese work permit at their local Portuguese Embassy.

However, I recently got called by a company in Portugal for a job I had applied for and they disqualified my application on the basis that they are not able to make an offer or provide a contract unless I already hold all the relevant papers. They then continued to say that I could apply for the papers myself.

Which was confusing to me as I assumed they would need to provide me with an employment contract so that I could obtain the relevant papers?

Can someone please advise as to what the "relevant papers" are and how the process works? Do I need to obtain these documents or does the company offering me a job have to apply?

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Hi Seri,
Hope you are doing well. According to the information that you have provided, mostly the companies do not offer you the job contract easily if you are not an EU citizen. Just by chance if they are providing you with the contract then its up to you to apply for the work permit visa from the Portuguese Embassy in your country. Otherwise, its easier to get a job once you are here on a tourist visa and make all your relevant papers legally , that includes Segurança Social (social security number ) and NIF ( Finance number) both of these require job contract. Then once after 6 months of paid taxes you can apply for your temporary residency in Portugal.

I hope this helps you in anyway plus you can have a look on the Portuguse immigration website

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I was interested to read azzmalik's description about how to obtain residency.  This just goes to show that everyone's experience is completely different.  As a North American, the procedure described has not been my experience, nor that of anyone I know.   I have not found that it is necessary to have a job contract in order to get an NIF.   And in my experience, paying taxes is not related to obtaining residency.  The best advice to is check with the Portuguese embassy in your country and with SEF, and get the facts straight from the horse's mouth  :-)

Hi Seri,

I am currently in a similar position as you were. I applied for a job in Portugal but i am currently living in Hungary, the company seemed cery interested at first but then disqualified my application just as yours, saying that they do not wish to apply for the work permit for me.

I would like to know if you got any further information on the process to obtain the work permit or at least facilitate it by yourself.

Kind regards

Hey Malik! Im here in Lisbon on schenegen visa. N im looking fir a job contract..i have to do..can u help me..

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