Moving to Sudan??

Hi all
I'm an  Australian expat currently living in Riyadh and have been for the last 3 years. My husband has been offered a job in port Sudan..
What is there to do for women there and is it safe.
Whats the standards of living and is the housing compound based with security.
What is the crime like over there.
Is it only internal flights from port Sudan to the main airport? Is that also safe.
I have so many questions, if anyone can give me advice and any information i would appreciate greatly.
thank you

Port nice place,if you are fun of sea you will enjoy it there.

Its pretty safe in port Sudan, you can check online for extra info about situation.

There are internal flights, Flydubai from port Sudan to Khartoum & other Egyptian and Sudanese airlines. Even though its Sudan they still stick to Airline guideline thank god for that :)

I have lived there for about a month & i have some friends who lived there for more than 4 years, its more safe than Khartoum people there are still kind by nature & very helpful the crime rate is very low. people sleep on the street :)

i dont know about what women can do i think if you find a foreigner may be helpful.

Standard of living is pretty basic, its livable but u wont find many things u find in S.A, but u can ask anyone to send regualry from there its very close to Jeddah.

Send your other question and i hope i can help.

hey there,

You are very welcome to Portsudan my beloved city .
I'm from Portsudan but am in Jeddah at the moment, If I was there I would have done my gusting part :-) .
Portsudan is very safe city no much crimes and the people are so welcoming foreigners.
about housing you can find your best options in (Hay al matar, Taranseet, main market, hay al khaleej) what I mentioned is the best places in portsudan as the houses are nice and there are many visitors living around.

things woman could do ! ummm to be honest no much entertainment and cofee shops available but there's 3 best options (Al basyri hotel , coral hotel and palace hotel)
these 3 hotels got the best entertaining  in portsudan.

yo if you need any kinda help or extra information please hit me up you can call, whatsapp or anything at anytime except when the sun is hot hahah as I be sleeping in the afternoon.


I'm from portsudan , unfortunately portsudan isnt like khartoum (the capital of sudan ) for women which in khartoum you can find  many activites you can do, so sometimes you will feel bored.
in port sudan all you can do with frinds or alone ,walking beside the sea or riding yacht if you have ..
there's no compound  in portsudan but the city it's so safe even more than khartoum..
about airport,,portsudan airport it's international but there's afew airlines as fly dubai, nile(its egyption airlines) and saudi airlines..

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