Internet quality and power reliability for a home office in PP

Hi, for someone who works from home and needs a good reliable fiber or DSL wired connection. How stable and reliable is the home internet in PP? Which company is best for offering a fiber connection and its reliability?  In PP, on average how often does the power go off and for how long?

I have lived for several years in other SE Asian countries, but plan to relocate to Cambodia soon. I have been in Vientiane for almost a year. Though expensive, I have a fiber connection, not shared, dedicated line for me. In the time I have been here, it has only gone down a couple of times, and was back up quickly. There have been 4-5 power outages that have lasted a few minutes, and two that have lasted about an hour. That is over a nearly one year period. Please compare this to an average year in PP for internet and electricity.




Good question. I would add to your question to compare a LTE or 4G mobile data plan for cost and reliability. After all, digital nomads need to be connected at office or away 24/7 !


Hi Steven,

You would be glad to know that most rental units come with Internet & Cable TV included.  I have recently signed up a Fibre Optic broadband for my newly renovated unit and I'm quite amazed how quickly it was connected.  They even have to run the cable to the unit, etc.

Needless to say, I'm quite happy with the speed.


Thank you for the information. What company are you using for your fiber connection? What mbps up and down do they offer? How often, say during a typical year, are there power outages in PP? And about how long do they usually last? How often does the internet service go down? How reliable is it for regular sustained, daily use?

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It's Opennet and it costs around $200 per year.   It's rated at 256mbps and I'm not sure about upload speed.  Perhaps you check out its website.

Re power outages in PP: As I'm not a full time residence in PP, I think it's quite reliable but there are brown out occasionally - may be a couple of hours for each outage.  For me, I have no issue with my Internet connection.  I watch YouTube without any issues.

Just curious, are you in financial tradings?

Hi, thank you for the information. That price seems very reasonable. I see Opennet offers between a 6 mbps up to a 50 mbps connection, so I am not sure if you mean you have a 25 mbps connection?

Their 25 mbps connection is listed at $66 a month. 

Thank you for the information about the electricity.


It's definitely faster than 256mbps. And I paid $160 for one year.

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