Retiring in beautiful Panama

Hi Everyone:

I am Verona and i do have a keen interest to reside in Panama long term. I am in my mid forties and have worked in the Tourism Industry for over two decades.  I hope to get a chance to visit Panama before I fully retire their.  Can anyone guide me as how I can go ahead and make this transition.

Get a passport, buy an airline ticket, pack a suitcase...
Decide what you want, city? Country? Beach? Mountains? Immersion? With other expats? Then pick some places depending on your preferences, budget and available time, and plan your Panama trip.

Kristi how long have you been living their?  How have you found the transition?

Almost five years. Except for having to learn a new language the transition was super easy. There is a link to my blog in my profile if you want to see more.

okay I will look at that.

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