Boquete vs El Valle - Climate!

Although still working away in my native land, glorious and free, my Pensionado is now available for pick up in PC. My excellent lawyer has arranged matters so that I can travel to PC and pick it up in a one-day visit.  I will schedule that visit soon, with enough additional time to visit El Valle - having already had two good stays in Boquete.

I feel that I will be able to find acceptable accoms in either town (over time) for a rate of $600 USD or thereabouts. But a 3-day visit in June or July to El Valle will not really give me a solid impression of the climatic conditions. I already have satisfied myself that I could be content in the areas within the Greater Boquete Area (the "GBA"). Too damn windy, but you can't have everything!

So ------> for those of you who are familiar with both communities, in both seasons: how would you compare the climates? I am thinking of temperature, amount of rain/sun, and humidity. Also of major concern is the availability of local produce/eggs/chicken. Boquete ticks all of these boxes IMO, but what about El Valle? Opinions sought. :)

So . . . nobody knows nuttin'?  :(

Hi Steve! We visited EV briefly so I don't have any answers for you. The curvy road to EV, narrow in places, was a concern for us. Otherwise,we liked that it was near Coronado--shopping f etc, and not as far from Pty.

Our last trip was to El Valle/Altos del maria and even though you will only be there three days i really think you should look at Altos del maria , the climate and views are incredible. There is a woman who rents out her casita ( very nice )in Altos and it is but an insane 20min ride to El valle from there. Just our view but my wife and i both agree we could live very happily in El valle , it is quite a bit smaller then Boquete  but we like its location better. The expat volume is much higher in Boquete , we found it to be warmer in El valle , and instead of living in the valley we like Altos where you are living on top of the mountain ,I think it all comes down to you Steve and the feeling you get i would suggest at least 10 days in the area to get some kind of feel . If you would like any more insite into Altos the casita or area just ask us we really like the video,s on you tube. Have a great day

Hello Rod L,

I am planing a trip to El Valle who is this woman who rents out her casita in Altos? thank you for your kind answer?
Are you in Altos this month?

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