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We are moving in October to peyia.what is the most affordable health care insurance company? My husband is 66 years old and I am 53. We will not work in Cyprus.

health insurance is expensive and gets more so the older you are.  when we (now 60/59) first arrived here in Peyia in July 2014 we took Abbeygates AIG bronze package but it was €700 per yr each(then we were 57/56) no doctors examinations required etc and we needed to have something for immigration and the yellow slip. It then went up considerably each year so for the last two years we took a limited package at €165 per yr each as it satisfies immigration 100%.. i still check each yr out of curiosity - many dont recommend the immigration policy but some do - on the other hand many have it and pay for the extras as it saves a lot  of money over a period of time you can also take a membership with the local ambulance service who are british and log the route to your door and also take note of where you wish to be taken and meds etc  as many state ambulances get lost here  - no real postcodes you see.....

Hi toon could you please pm me ur email address so I can get some information off you cos me and my partner are moving over to Cyprus in a couple of weeks kind regards John.

Hi toon we have our appointment in a couple of weeks need to show health care where do you get a policy for 165. I keep coming up with silly money ones kind regards Dave

anytime insurance  - … insurance/
and you can apply for it online - only upto 60 yrs old though and it is minimal but it satisfies immigration dept requirements

PM set

That’s great thankyou very much kind regards David

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