Looking for good realtors

I am looking for a good realtor in San Ignacio and Hopkins. Any recommendations are appreciated.

Also if anyone knows a good way to get car rentals. I am arriving in Belize December 19 and will be staying till at least January 06

Thank you

Can't help you with Cayo. But for Hopkins, you should talk with Michael Young at CPC (or, anyone at his office). Great guy, straightforward, and honest.
About cars, there are a few choices, all of them expensive (by US standard). Most people use Christal. The one I used, can't really recommend it, did it twice, broke down twice...

Putwriter :

I am looking for a good realtor in San Ignacio and Hopkins. Any recommendations are appreciated.

Also if anyone knows a good way to get car rentals. I am arriving in Belize December 19 and will be staying till at least January 06

Thank you

Lots of folks still looking for a Good Realtor in Belize. As the rules are different and the laws selectively enforced, few Belizeans will use any realtor. As most visitors do not have the time to find a good deal, most of the property deals using a realtor here will be buying/selling between foreigners.  The good deals are still found by "Word of mouth", "Sandals In The Sand". 

There is a long line of rental car offices in the airport parking lot a short walk outside the BZE terminal.

Google "rental cars belize international airport" to get info on most of them.
Don't expect the vehicles to be up to North American standards, even from the major names.

Important: Always be on the lookout for Speed Bumps both marked and unmarked, in Belize there are few stop lights or traffic police so Speed Bumps are the enforcers.  Speed Bump signage (when it exists) will have various names for the low wall across the road.

Have the non-driver help you look for them as hitting one at speed will likely destroy what is left of the cars suspension and ruin your day.

Thanks Will. In U.S. I try to find out if there is a shuttle to rental agency for autos, especially in Miami. I use enterprise there prebooked. Offshore or (airport) if you will. Extra hour but more than half the cost. Rick

Gonna rent myself.

I second CPC. Most realtors here are horrid. Be very, very mindful. I know there's someone on here who is a realtor in Cayo, and he seems like a nice guy. Do a search or look in the advertised services section.

I have always rented from Crystal- 6 times, and never had any problems, usually renting a 4WD Jeep.

Renting in Belize, IMHO Crystal is the way to go, they take care of their vehicles and if there re problems are quick to respond. They also loan a coolbox with the car (more useful than you may think) alsothey will loan a cell phone a Flip phone you go into almost any grocery store to buy minutes for usage. We only ever hd trouble with a rental car in Belize when we used one of a major american brand franchise company when they had NO vehicles so passed us onto a different company we had never heard of who supplied a very poor vehicle which we later found out was niether taxed nor insured. The parent American company washed their hands of the whole thing "just a  Belize franchise, we have nothing other than the name in common " But funny the internet payment went into their American mainland account.

Here is a suggestion I make only to those that have driven in Belize before. The Hummingbird Hwy offers a spectacular view. I have driven it over a dozen times, never tire of it, and always see new things. BUT I do not recommend it to first time drivers in Belize, and never at night.

IF you are heading to the Placencia, Stann Creek area after arriving at the International Airport (BZE) or when returning there. Do a one way rental for 1 or 2 days. It is about a 3 1/2 hour drive without stops. I always plan it to take all the daylight hours with stops,/side trips or stay overnight along the way.

AQ Car Rental at the Airport, are affiliated with Placencia Auto Rental, and allow one way rentals (at a higher cost naturally) . If  two or more are traveling during daylight hours, it is a great way to see the countryside and save money over flying to/from Placencia.

Do not expect pristine looking vehicles from either company, but mechanically, they have never let me down.

For San Ignacio I would highly recommend Ceibra Reality and deal with Josh, I have used him for several transactions and been very impressed.

Crystal rental car is the way to go. I've rented form them 4 or 5 times and they are the best ones I've found.

Call Patrick Dougherty for Hopkins - CBC property group; handled my props in Hopkins @ Sittee River for 5+yrs

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