Panama no gun permits issued since 2016???

Hello there, so i searched this forum and a bunch of other sites, but it seems there is a large amount of outdated information out there, talking about the process to get an concealed carry permit in Panama.

I found some information, that indicated that even if you complete all the necessary steps and meet the criteria, your gun permit will not be issued, because of President  Juan Carlos Varela who ordered that no new gun permit should be issued.

Is this still correct?

Would be just awesome if someone would know something about this...

Adios, Paul

Thats the information Ive had now for some time, but its always difficult to get accurate information here in Panama. Correct information is a very valuable commodity......One thing you can be sure of tho Paul.....The bad guys all got em.........I had one stolen from tellin how much damage it has done........

Thanks for you very much for your comment.

I found this recent article: … s/23984571

I phoned 2 dealers in Panama City today, both say, yes i can apply. Personally i think that often people that are involved in the process permit/gun buying try to fool the expats and try to snatch their guns/money.

Disarming law abiding people just make the work of criminals safer... I will do the whole process together with a lawyer, because it is important for me and i don´t like to be fooled ;)

Damn, sorry for your loss man.

Will you or have you registered a new gun?

Hello There,

This post is interesting to me. So, if I am planning to move to Panama (City or Country), it might be a good idea to pack some "protective gear?" I honestly thought that Panama was pretty safe, but I guess it might not be...I might have to read more in the news before making my move... Thank you guys for bringing this up!


Panama can be pretty safe in the country.........but the city is definately not.........lots of bad guyz in this little country.....lots of people who would rather steal than work.......sad fact......Especially when there is soooo much work out there........Security is of the utmost importance......dont take yur eye off the ball for a second........

Good Info. Thanks!


No, what this guy is saying is incorrect. At one point things had bottled up and behind schedule in Panama City and that’s why permits were not being issued on a timely basis. That’s over now.

I tried to go to the website and respond but you have to register beforehand before you are allowed to post anything, and I didn’t want to do that.

I had no problem getting the permit renewed. I got my psychological review, a permit of good conduct from the police department, two photos, and the shooting range letter. This I did at the range in David on the way to the airport. I paid the guy $ 60.00 for the six hours of practice shooting. I only practiced for about an hour, all by myself, and he produced the certificate. I still have 5 hours left hour that I can use at sometime during this year.

After a month, I received a photocopy of my old license stamped renewed and the original I have to pick up in Panama City. I’m going there in a couple of days because I have to take my naturalization exam and when I’m done with this, if I have time, I’ll go by the police to pick up the original gun permit.

You can respond to that guy using what I explained to you here.



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