Soon to be confined :)

Hi All, I am coming to Maldives by end of this month to start work on a major project under Maldives Airport Company. I am scared that I will be confined to a small island with nothing to do after work. Hopefully I will meet some good people to hang out on weekends....

it will be fine

Hi Waseem, could you share bits of daily living in Maldives with us please. I am thinking of making a move to there in a few weeks.


Not much to do daily other than work and home :) unless you join a gym and spend 1 or 2 hours exercising. Grocery and laundry is done on weekends, you will have to do by yourself because no Laundries here to wash and iron your clothes except in hotels I am sure. In fact not many things to do during weekdays but weekends you can plan to go to other islands or water sports etc. No shopping mall either and not many choices of food. There are several coffee shops on beach side in Hulhumale where people gather for chit chat and coffee with friends.

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