Au pair in Puerto Rico

Hi everyone!
I joined a while back when we first started looking into becoming expats in Puerto Rico (we're from Germany) and in 2 weeks we'll actually move to Ponce!
Since we have a 5 months old in tow, we were thinking of having an aupair live with us. Here's the problem: aupairs need a J1 visa for the US and there are only 15 registered aupair organizations that place aupairs in the States legally. I checked with a few of them and none of them seem to place aupairs in Puerto Rico!
Does anybody have any experience with this?
Thanks so much!

Sory not sure what that is, nor have I heard of anyone using one.
A bit late in the game to get a special visa, even if somebody could do it, there may not be enough time.

There are agencies that can provide you a local domestic assistance. Also some lady in your neighborhood can probably volumteer for less.

I've never heard of an au pair in PR. It probably violates the jurisdiction's illiberal employment laws but that's just my speculation.

An aupair is kind of like an exchange student. It's a young adult between 18-26 years old who lives with you and is part of the family. They help take care of your kids and go to school to improve their English or Spanish. Usually it's Europeans or South Americans who do this program.
We would need one next year but I already started looking into it. The problem is you can only get one through the official agencies and nobody seems to place them in PR but because of the visa PR falls under US regulations.
Do you know any agencies I could contact?

Au pair comes from the French, meaning "on equal terms", but it is actually a kind of nanny, where a young person, usually foreign, helps take care of household duties in exchange for room and board. Most au pairs also get a stipent.

You can check out this site:

Did you end up getting an Au Pair? We currently have one in California and would like to brin g her with us, but our agency (Au Pair Care) can’t help. Any luck working with an agency to arrange it?? Any info would be helpful. Thanks!!

Hi Kay,
None of the official agencies place au pairs in Puerto Rico. So you won’t be able to hire an official au pair here unfortunately.
We have been looking on for a girl from the US who’d be interested in spending some time in PR.
When and where are you moving?

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