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Hello everyone. Our names are Mike and Gloria.  We are Albertan  Canadians tired of freezing our @#$&#@s off and are very open to any tips and tricks anyone would like to suggest to make our moving transition smoother.  My GF and daughter and 3 beautiful pomeranians are going to live in the DR full time and for now I will  be working in Alberta for 7 months a year for a few years. Like I said any suggestions will be gratefully received and we look forward to getting to know all of you  better.

I too am an Albertan but have wintered in Arizona since 2010. I would be pleased to pass on/exchange info as I learn it as well. I will be going to DR late Sep to mid Oct for the first time and will be meeting friends face to face. I will also be learning Spanish while staying with these folks in the city of Moca...Good luck - I 'm finishing my "work life" in just a few weeks.....can hardly wait!

Sosua is great place to live ISLA Academy is decent price for kids...

Welcome to the forums. Read, read and read. Ask lots of questions. Look at what is important to you in a new lifestyle and then check out various areas!!!

Do read the various threads. Lots of good info.
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GMDouglas - I have just arrived in Las Terrenas this week. The most important issue I see just now is language. Either make sure you speak theirs or go where English is spoken.

If  you are going to live here learn at least some basic Spanish.

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