How/where to get rid of a mouldy mattress?

We live near Hillerød, Sjælland, in the middle of nowhere basically (one busline, four buses a day type thing) and we have no car, but our mattress has mould on it so we got a new one. Does anyone know how and where to dispose of the mouldy one? Or if there's a service like hard rubbish with the kommune we could book where they pick it up? Googling has yielded no results, unfortunately, and I can't seem to find anything on the kommune website.

I take that you live in Hillerød municipality? … g-2017.pdf … r-2017.pdf … 17_web.pdf

The easiest way to find out when the service is carried out in your district, is to send Hillerød Forsyning an email. Do notice that you shall sign in to receive this service.

If you need further help, do send me a pb with your address, and I shall try to help you with more exact advice.

Else, I would suggest you to ask a friendly neighbour with a trailer if he would take your mattress to the recycling center next time he goes there (all people go to the recycling center from time to time). If you 'pay' him with a bottle of red wine, both of you will be satisfied.


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