Living in Florida

You are an expatriate living in Florida, or you used to  work and live in Florida.

Share your expat experience!

How would you describe life in Florida?

Has it been complicated to settle down, to find a job, and an accomodation? 

Is it complicated to make friends in Florida?

What would you recommend to people who would like to live in Florida?

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my husband and I are interested in moving to Florida. Maybe near the keys. Can one tell me how life is down near the keys, jobs, housing, et. Any information would be appreciated!
   Thanks, Laura

I live here in Florida. I didn't exactly move here by choice and can't say that I prefer it to the UK. The summer (Apr - Nov) is brutally hot and humid, which is not much fun, not to mention having to worry about hurricanes for half the year.

It wasn't too hard to find a job when I did three years ago, but you can forget about it these days. Everyone's hunting!

I'd say it's very difficult to make friends here. I can count the number of good friends I have on one hand. People have a fake face on, but it never goes too deep.

Laura, you can probably pick up a house for a pretty good price right now. Not sure how the prices compare to LA, but we've been looking recently (this is in Tampa btw, which will likely be slightly cheaper than the Keys which carry a premium) and you can pick nice 3/2s in nice areas for about $150-200K. The job front won't be as easy, particularly if you're in a professional career, unless you plan on traveling to Miami every day. The job market down here is VERY tough right now.

All the best

Hi all,
We have recently moved to Perth australia, but have found that it is just too far away from family and friends.  We love the hot climate and the new adventure.  I am a very chatty person, so find it easy to re-start.  We are a family of 5, mum dad and 3 kids aged 5,3,and 4weeks!
We have heard and read alot about brits moving to florida.. But want to know more.
What are the good/bad areas?
What are the good/bad points about living in Florida?
Do people come and visit you there?
How hard is it to find work?
How do you apply for a visa?  Is it hard?  How much does it cost?  How long does it take?

Hi I'm Darrin and I'm a tax attorney living here in Tampa, Florida. Why would like to move in Tampa? Well in short, the Water, the Weather, the Progress, the Activities, the History, the People. :)




Hi Laury

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hi i am victoria, fron argentina and i am studying marketing at university, i want to work there during december, jenuary and february, it is posibble to get a temporary job? it would be great..what else can you tellmeabout florida?
thank very much

I'm Misti and I've been living here in Tampa, Florida for may years now. All I can say is if you are in to the tropical weather thingy, then Florida is your best choice in the US.


dear any member pls help me i want to go to america how to possible pls infrom me . we have 2 shop in abu dhabi. i live in abu dhabi but real country bangladesh. any pepole said do not accept bangladesy pepole in america but  my uncel live in america in florida he go to america in dv 4 years pls advice me how to possible visa prosseing

Didar, you should check out the Guide for life in USA.

Hi everyone!

I'm Veronica from France, I'm coming over Florida 3 month (dec. to march), I will be around Boynton beach because I'm a race horse exercice rider, I'm looking for a flat to rent, or kind of roomate. I would like to share some info with people who are living there.

I've been there one month two years ago and I enjoyed it!

Thanks ;-)

Hi Veronica! You should post an ad in the Florida classifieds > accommodation section as well, this might help you.

Good luck


Oki thank you.


Hi all!
I am Italian and live in Miami since 2008.
Miami is a wonderful city, the weather is good and the atmosphere quite relaxed. Difficult to find anything better!
For those who speak Italian, I have created a blog to give information, news and curiosities regarding this beautiful city: ( No free advertising, please )

Hi Toni, welcome on :)

Hi everyone, this place is a lot different from Auckland. still, I'm loving it.

Hi everybody !!
I am so happy and axcited to have found this site.
My family and me we are looking the possibility to try to relocate from Norway to Florida, at the moment both my husband and me we are studying and we will be finished in 2013.
We would like to know if there is any norwegian company in Florida ??? And would love to hear tips, experiences (both good ans bad ones) how is the working fields nowadays ???
I can hel you with tips to how to come to Norway ..... I just want to live nearer to my parents ans to have a better weather !! Which is the mildest and safest (tornadoes) place in Florida ??? THANKS !

Welcome to, Sletten :)

I hope some of the active members of the forum will be able to answer your questions but maybe the Embassy of Norway in USA could extend information of Norvegian companies in the States if any?

Please also read the Guide to expatriate life in the United States which contains a lot of useful tips!

If you have more specific questions, it would be a great idea to start your own topic in Florida's forum. :)

Thanks for your offer on helping on info on Norway; you might want to check out Norway's forum and post a message there.

All the best


I'm considering moving to Florida next year on a work visa.
Need info on Taxes! How much for a foreign, working on an L1 visa, married, 2 children under 10... State Taxes, Federal Taxes?

Does anyone has ideas on this subject?

Hello Panama1 :)

For info related on taxes, view the "Life in the USA guide" and read the article "Income tax in the USA". This will give you a general overview.


Hi my name is Linda,

We are moving from WI to FL in March, and I'm wondering if there are any South Africans living in or close to Sebastian, FL. I am from SA and have been in the USA for 10 yrs, hoping to make contact with some South Africans in the area. Thanks!

Hi grootbek, welcome on Expat-blog! :)

The South African expat network may help you to get in touch with other south Aricans in Florida.

Good luck,

Hi to all...Just want to querry how possible can I land a job as a Registered Nurse in a hospital setting there in Florida? Some posts stated that finding a job in Florida is tougher these it also true to Nursing jobs in a hospital? My husband planned to go back to Florida next year and our son and I would follow later after having been approved of the visa he will file for us.Is the cost of living expensive in this state, what of  healthcare...childcare and housing??? Any info you can share on this...Thanks!

My husband received a job offer in Fort Lauderdale, they will pay 45 thousand a year and all benefits, friends who live there tell us it's a good salary but, I've been searching and I don’t believe it is enough, we are a family of 5, so, I’ll need rent a minimum three-bedroom house, I have a son in college who must continue studding and I’ll have to pay for these studies, I’ll need to maintain at least two cars, pay insurances, food, energy, water, telephone, and everything else. My husband withholding, will be around 300 dlls Monthly. We still don’t  know what kind of visa they will give us, because the company is in the process, but in case I can not work I don’t believe we will achieve with this income, I am very doubtful about moving but my husband is very excited and really I don’t know what to do.
I would like to hear serious opinions from people in similar situation

For those who want to know more about Orlando, where I currently live as a retiree on a fixed income, please check out my blog at

I've lived legally in the United States for about two decades and traveled/worked in other countries during those years as well.

BTW, Florida doesn't have individual income tax. That's why it's so popular among retirees and Americans and legal resident aliens who work overseas. But property and sales taxes make up for that.:cool:

Hello all.
I am wanting to move to Ft. Myers florida.  I want to work there and go to school at Kaiser.  My family is not happy about my decision so I am hoping for some input about Florida. I know that I will have to adjust to the weather but my biggest concern is the people.  What is the people like?  I make friends everywhere go but I can be native.  What is the ups and downs of living in Florida?

We moved to Florida in Brevard County, we are in a quiet place near the beach, totally non touristy. We can't stand Orlando and the heat there but on the atlantic coast it's much cooler. We have been here just over a yr. If anyone wants to talk then feel free. We have green cards due to my husbands business. College fees are high and we are trying to apply for scholarship. Dentists and drs are expensive, health insurance is brutal. House prices are great, food isn't cheap in supermarkets and Americans are DIFFERENT to the British. Don't think anything different. Jobs are hard to get. Life here isn't easy. People work very hard, this is not a nanny state.

Florida-A general blog

Southwest Florida, Sarasota particularly,  is a nice place to live however is part of Florida as a whole and commonly referred to as a transient state.  People from all walks of life pass by here with some rooting themselves but many trying to figure out where they went astray and think they know that Florida can fix it all with its beautiful scenery and warm climates.  My experience here after 17 years with a strong ethical background from growing up in NY is still undefined.  I have seen the many who have made it in other states continue to thrive and many who have gotten lost with no ambition to move ahead as one would take a step to get to their destination.  A mix of many, many cultures and economic status and seemingly a place where there are those waiting for answers to come to them whether retired or just starting out.  Really strange and a 1000 words couldn't help describe the encounters felt on a day to day basis.  Be prepared to witness one of the most strange and unpredictable living experiences one could imagine.

dtraynor, Thank you for the information.  A melting pot of different people will be nice.  I like different nationalitys so that should be nice.   What do you mean by unpredictable and strange living experiences??

Two years ago I bought a little bungalow 40 miles south of Tampa near the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. Rated the number one beach in America last year. In one of the most friendly communities I have ever been too.
If you are thinking about moving to Florida let me share a few wonderful little secrets.

* Home prices are currently moderate
* The cost of living is reletivley low
* There is a wide variety of age groups
* Floridians love gatherings and events
* The people are wonderfully friendly
* Outdoor as well as indoor activities are many
* They have some of the best beaches in America
* Florida is currently experiencing job growth

Last but not least this paradise is where the sun always shines. So if you are serious about moving to Florida, take it from a person who has traveled far and wide, Florida is a place to explore and consider as a place to call home.

I would not trade it for anything in the world!

Hi I live in Florida for a long time. I love the the Beach, I live the Beach area. The Waves are calm, and quiet, and Seagulls near by sightsee, right place for relax or rest. Many House located close to the Beach. When I got Married I walked with My Spouse on the Pier, some Fishermen was there. They wonder how come the Newlyweds walk there. I came from Hungary and looking for Hungarians in Washington DC. I met 4 People in Florida. If you know them please tell them to send Email to Me on
My Email:suzy.kasza[at] Have a Blessed Day!


I find your thoughts very similar to mine.
Thank you for posting it.

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