How to check a realtor in seoul

Hi, I'm going to stay in Seoul for 4 minths from 26 Aug 2017.
Currently I'm finalizing papers with one realtor, James Realty. However; I notice there is no owner name in the agreement. It's only between ne and the realtor.

How can I check if he's not cheating on me? I asked him to send me any proof that he has the authority to rent out the place that I'm going to rent; but he only replied me saying if he's the exclusive agent for that place. Thanks

Hi, I am a realtor in Seoul. 

The owner's name must be in the contract whether the agent  is a  exclusive agent or not.

There is a a certified copy of the property register with owner's name.

You need to require the agent to show the document and when you wire  for a  deposit  or a rent ,

  you can check the name of bank account  with the name on the copy of the property register .

  I hope everything goes well with you

Hi Gracie !

Do you have any news to give me about your contract with James Realty ?
I am also interested in renting an apartment from him and I don't know if it is worth it.
Thank you

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