turkey visa from Saudi


Is anyone knows about Turkey visa process from Saudi?
Can we directly apply to Turkish embassy?

anyone have experience please share

You can directly apply at the Turkish embassy and if you have Valid US visa stamped, then you can apply online too. Check their website for more clarity. Cheers

Yes you can go direct to embassy in Riyadh and Apply. No need And consultant.
Documents required and fees will be paid in riyals
it will take 3 to 4 days for reply from embassy they will provide u time.


Processed mine via Fursan Travel Agency as I was told at the Turkish Embassy that it has to be done through visa processing center. Please prepare the following:
SR 500 was charged and that includes travel insurance
Bank statement with at least SR 8k as advised by the ageny
Employment Certificate indicating your salary
Exit-re-entry visa
Hotel bookings
Flight details
Colored copies of passport and iqama

If you possess a valid US visa, you can apply through their website and you will get an E-visa but you are only allowed to enter Istanbul Aiport (Ataturk)

Got my visa after 4 days.


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