Need visa advice ?

Heya everyone
I m frm India and working currently in a restaurant but unfortunately i don't like to work here bcos of my boss who s torturing us like a S***..... Can anybody suggest me something to me pls
My questions are ,
1) Actually I want to goto Indian Embassy and make a complaint against my company inorder to get my passport back .
2)I want to join medicine course in some private institutions here in malatsia so can I get a chance to study ?
3) I wish to come back to Malaysia after cancelling my temporary employment pass can it be happen in one month after I ll depart frm malaysia if I cancelled my temporary employment pass by going in Indian Embassy? Pls suggest me

You would need to return home to India and apply from there for an educational course and a student visa (It's not possible to convert from one type of visa to another).

It will be tricky to get your temporary employment pass cancelled - so you will probably have to wait to apply for the student visa until after it expires. Your employer would need to do the cancellation.

The only way to make a complaint would be to the Police - as it is illegal for your employer to keep your passport. The High Commission is not the place to make a complaint about local conditions, as in essence it is not on Malaysian soil as a diplomatic location.

You could see if the High Commission has some advice for you though.

Thanks for ur kind reply gravitas. As I know some of the people around me said that I could come back with a tourist pass to enquire about the course and all and if it is possible with the tourist visa within a month can I come back after cancellation of my temporary work permit and can I apply for course ?

The application is usually online for a place on the course. No need to be in Malaysia.  Then if accepted, the educational institution would inform immigration. There are some formalities to do in your home country. Medical may be one of them. Plus you may need a Visa with Reference to enter Malaysia again.

You could use your off day if you want to visit some course centres. You need to show sufficient financial means to be granted a student visa.

You will probably have a good deal of trouble getting your employer to  assist you to cancel your temporary work permit. I would say the chances are probably zero for getting them to cooperate.

Getting a tourist visa is probably irrelevant therefore. Either way you have to be outside Malyasia while the application for a student pass is being processed. That's just the rule.

Sure ..... Thank you very much gravitas  :)

It is only possible to have ONE kind of valid visa in a passport at any one time. Immigration don't process requests where there is already a valid pass. So either cancellation or expiry would be needed to move from one visa to another.

Now I m clear gravitas .... Thanks alot

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