State department warnings vs. reality in Beirut

I will be traveling to Beirut to perform a modern dance piece and I am nervous about the travel warnings, they are fairly dire and especially for an American. Now I assume most people will say that there is no truth to these, but I feel there must be some middle ground. Should I be concerned about the travel from the airport to Beirut? Does it go through the southern neighborhoods? Is the main artery from the airport subject to closure due to protests? Will I be targeted because I am an America? How common are kidnappings? 

The unknown can be frightening. I am sure that NYC can be seen as a very frightening place from the outside. As someone who has lived there for 20 years, I would not say not to come because of fear, but I would not say that there are not precautions one should take, especially back in the late eighties, early nineties.

Hello dear, do not fear there are many American (that have Lebanese origin) who come every year to Lebanon, if there are protestors they will be near government sites and not near the airport and if it happens they army will ensure that the airport road is always opened, what you have to worry about is going alone to the mountain side, but staying near Beirut is the safest side, Lebanon hospitality is very well know and you will be well treated don't worry.

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