How will I be received as an American in Beirut?


I am moving soon to Beirut and all I keep hearing from people in America is how much danger I will be in. I know this is ridiculous, but how do the common Lebanese feel about Americans?

Anything special I need to know? Do I need to wear a hijab?


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I moved to Beirut from USA a year ago.  I thoroughly enjoy life and my neighbors in Beirut.  I have never met so many welcoming and generous people, as in Beirut.  I feel completely safe 24/7.  I have no qualms about walking (I don't own a car) through the streets in my neighborhood, anytime day or night.  I find Lebanon to be the safest place in which I have lived.  Everyone I meet seems to watch over me and is available to assist me in whatever I need.  This is a delightful place and a warm community.  Enjoy.

dont worry shana , you will be as safe as the US , if you need anything else don't hesitate to ask and welcome to lebanon !

My family worry  like they always do. I am from Memphis and I tell them I could easily be robbed or shot there going to the store. If you knew how much Lebanon relies on tourism you would understand how relatively safe it is here. You will never find so many people that are so warm and welcoming in one place. You are going to have a blast.

dear shana 27 it seems that you live in desert not in usa.;)you can come naked people dont care no proplem .but lebanese people care if you are with 8 march  only .and lebnone is the best country in worldddddddddddddd

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hijab?? I would suggest you do more research online about Lebanon, videos on about Lebanese women and what they wear, lebanon nightlife(like skybar which is on the list of top 10 best bars in the world), hell even our muslim women wear bikinies lol My mom still shows me her pictures when she used to wear mini skirts and go out shopping back in the 70's. Lebanon has always been the most liberal country in the middle east.

Some useful links: … re=related

Dont worry shana , you will be as safe as the US or may be more. Ciao carlo

You will love it here and will make lots of new friends.
I am from Germany and I already feel like Lebanease!

you will be riecived very good!!

As a teenager I can tell you that the girls in Lebanon are very, very... "liberal" and are willing to "experiment" haha

They wear Bikinis and dress up more... revealingly, than back home in London

Just don't wear Lingerie in public, and don't be visibly gay or Lesbian, and you will find the opinion that "Israel is the most liberal country" to be nonsense, as actually, Lebanon is.

Muslim girls here not only do NOT wear Hijab, they also date and do other things, with non Muslim guys. You will have no problem. Oh and, no one will be able to tell where you are from, as there are tonnes of European blonde looking native Lebanese. You have "50 shades of skin tone" hehe excuse the pun. People look Arab, like Bedouins, and some look European. You'll fit right in. Everyone speaks English, or using hand gestures you'll be able to survive

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Hi ,  u ll be very well received , don't wear a hijab , go to the beach ,

I have been here for 2 years and had nothing but friendly helpful people. Its safe and a blast. Night life is amazing. Just a hint "good news is never good news" so whatever you see or hear on the news is just crap to have more people glued to their TV and up their ratings. Ever think about visiting be in touch will introduce u to a group of americans, Canadians and brits that i know and we always hand out and party here. Lebanon is party country 24/7

beirut is a cosmopolitan city with a melting pot of people with different views. You have both liberals and conservatives. u choose your own path and will find out that Lebanese people are very welcoming

Hi there I am  an American citizens leving  in beirut  you get  in touch with  me any time my name  is anthony  my phone  nub is xxx  at any time I am in beirut  take care

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You will be received in our hearts .don't worry your impression is going to be completely changed about lebanon when you arrive.

Ohhh that was in 2011

Dear shana ,
its normal to ask these questions ,
since media plays a negative rôle in europ and USA according to Middle East , and Lebanon . but dont be afraid , every thing here its ok and very good , we live in a quiet and peace enviroment , you will like lebanon , espaecially night life , and sure you will not be obligated to wear hijab , here you will feel free , totally free.
and in case you need a guide once you are here , i am in your service and its for free offcorse ,
take care .

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