Moving to Vanuatu with a young family


My name is Heidi and my husband and I are looking at relocating to Vanuatu in the coming years.
We hope to purchase a home there in the next 12 - 18 months and then make the move full time in the next 3 years.

What I was wondering;
- Real estate agent with the most up to date listing
- Where expats with young families reside
- Aid organisations that I can get involved with
- Should I pack up my furniture from Australia and ship it over or buy furniture there

Any advice on the above and in general living in Vanuatu would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Hi Heidi

I can help you with the name of someone who works in real estate please private message me for more information. My family and I are also getting ready to move to Vanuatu from South Africa. I'm happy to share any information that we have gathered so far.

Kind regards,

hi Taryn

i saw your reply and would love to get some info from you regarding Vanuatu.

We are busy arranging our fligts there in June so that we can go and have a look at the island. We want to buy property and move there permanently.  Have you been there before?

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