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Hi Everyone

My name is Taryn I am 35. Hope you are all well.
My husband Mark and I have made the decision to move to Vanuatu with our two daughters age 14 and 10. We currently live in Johannesburg South Africa and city life is not for us. We would love to move to a place where people matter and where we can feel happy and safe. My kids need to learn some new ideals.
We've been doing some research and have already downloaded courses to start learning Bislama.
Both my husband and I have multiple skills to offer like IT Training, Graphic and Web Design and Marketing, Beekeeping and Project Management. We are also hockey coaches and players with qualifications in umpiring and tech table. I love working with and rehabilitating animals. I also have a fine art background and can teach art. I am able to teach small children and love working with them. I currently coach children between the ages of 3 to 7 at our local club. We're on our hockey and beekeeping association committees and we love to be involved and help out. My hubby and kids love freediving.
I think we could fit in nicely and contribute something to the community in Vanuatu. With our skill sets would we be able to earn a living in Vanuatu?
My oldest daughter is already homeschooled so we are not worried about getting the kids educated.
What we need now is some good advice so we can get started and we need to make some contacts. We'd like to move to Port Vila first and take it from there.
Any information that will help us would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for the warm welcome and I look forward to hearing from you all.
Have a great day.

Hi Tarynflee and welcome on board. :)

Just to inform you that a new topic has been created using your post on the Vanuatu forum for more visibility. Members can eventually come up with solutions to your questions in a swift manner.

Best of luck in your future endeavours.


Sarvesh team

Thank you very much Sarvesh  :D

Hello Tranyflee, it is very good decision you have made and I will be happy to be in contact with you when you arrive, we are a small tour operator and transfer business, we also know some very good expat people here that we can connect you with them and share ideas. we can help in different ways. creating contacts is a good start and am sure once you get here you will get to meet more people. Thanks

Thank you very much for making contact with me. I really appreciate it. It is something that I have come to discover that everyone I have spoken to in Vanuatu has been so friendly and helpful. I can not tell you how much we are looking forward to moving there. We have started learning to speak Bislama so I hope I am correct in saying: Mi lavem mo pepol mo ples finis! I will definitely be in touch, is it possible for you to private message me your contact details.
Have a great day!
Warmest regards,

Hi there, yes sure I can do that. Have a wonderful weekend. ☺


My name is Jim Batty. My wife and I have lived in Vanuatu for nearly 25 years on a plantation 10 kms from Port Vila. Most of the property is a sandalwood plantation, but the remaining portion could be more intensively developed to earn $1-2m per year over the next 5 years. The main requirement is to build and promote an effective internet marketing shop. If this is of interest, please contact me.



Dear Jim
I hope you are well. I have sent you a contact request and message.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Warmest regards,

Hello dear

   I read your comment and i like if possible to got a help from you, i am planing to move to vanuatu


I am currently living in Vanuatu and know the country well. We can help you , just let us know what you wanna know and how can we help you? Thank you.

Thanks so much, i well email you soon

Hi all ,, myself and my wife are looking at retiring in Vanuatu, we currently resided in Sydney , we both looking for spending your retirement time together, my wife is of Chinese. I would like some information about purchasing home , medical care. Thank you

Hello there, I know an agent that can help you. Please inbox me whatever your needs are and we will make sure you find what you are looking for. Thank you.

Thank you , my wife and I have just started the conversation about doing this , I just wanting to get as much information as possible, I have spent 10days there in January 2017 ,

A quick update on our progress. My family and I have made contact with a wonderful person in Vanuatu who has been helping us immensely. We are progressing nicely with learning Bislama and French. We have learned so much about Vanuatu in the last little while and we are happy to share any information. We are planning our look see decide trip for this year and have moved it forward a bit from only going next year. The people in Vanuatu have been incredibly helpful and welcoming so we look forward to meeting everyone in person. Take care and see you all soon.

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