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Hi guys and girls,

It's great to be a member here and not just reading about everyone else I hope I can contribute eventually.

Currently I am looking at land in santo and efate Vanuatu aboutn10000m2 to put some boutique bungalows on, nothing fancy just simple elegant bungalows with a common dinning area.

As I'm sure most of you can relate having a stressful job here in Australia I find myself just wanting that work life balance and I love Vanuatu have been going there since I was a kid. Anyway finally have the opportunity to build my dream over there and run a boutique resort.

However I'm finding it very difficult to get a builder.

Can anyone recommend a builder they have used or know any information would be really appreciated.

Also to add to this for those who have moved from Australia to vanuatu how did you decide which island to move to as santo is beautiful and port villa is where the action is.

Thanks in advance

Hi Shannon123 and welcome to!

I invite you to post an advert in Vanuatu classifieds > Jobs section, this may help.;)


just wondering if anyone knows of a builder i could  get in touch with in Port Vila to build a kit home in Pango. Also any knowledge you could pass onto me in regards to the above would be greatly appreciated  ie, costs of slab per m2, cost of water and elec being run from boundaries to the home  etc etc  etc   I am having a hard time finding anything on the net.  :)


Try looking up builders in port Vila
Vanuatu dasen also may be able to help

Thanks for replying, I have been in touch with them but i'm waiting for some feedback.

Try a builder in Brisbane  steve withers constructions they build anywhere and out of anything ..... good reputation

Thanks but have decided to go through Vanua Desien.......But probably not for a while now, I assume everyone over there will be busy with their own cleanup. Such a sad situation for the Ni-Van people :(

I may be able to help out with some recommendations. Please email me at**. Thanks.


you might now think of building in eco block .... insulated concrete,  cyclone proof, earthquake proof , insulated, bulletproof there's a builder in Brisbane that builds over there Steve withers constructions

Thanks,  any info is very much appreciated.

Hello, My name is Matthew and I am presently working in Santo. I have had 2 years experience building/supervising/training in Santo for a private investor. I will be looking for more work as of July 1. If you like, we could set up a time to discuss your projects and I would be happy to send you my resume. Cheers.

Hi Mathew,

I am waiting on a firm quote from Vanua Desien at the moment  but if that doesn't go to plan then I would definitely like to discuss alternatives with you.


I have read all the comments/replies to your query
I do recommend you get 3 quotes and get referrals from clients that have had work done.
Also never ever make final payment until job is 100% finished.
I have had 2 building jobs done and both never finished off.


Thanks, will definitely do that, just a bit hard doing it from Aus replies to emails etc are a bit slow and some non-existent!

Does anyone know who builds studio bungalows in Vanuatu. I have seen them on the LJ Hooker site but have not had an answer back as to who does these, they also have a 2 bedroom concrete display home on there but have had no luck to find out who does these, any tips thanks

Try Vanua Disean,,, they are building a 1 bedroom loft style bungalow for us at the moment.


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What is the average weekly wage here in Vanuatu for labourers and for house staff for resorts . Thanks Glenn

1500vuv a day or 7500 a week
If really good you can pay 2000 a day

Thanks for your reply

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we're also looking for a builder in Vila - any recommendations appreciated.

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