I am a 77 yo retired Accountant disillusioned with Australian politics where we are slavishly following the fascist regime of the Great Evil Empire of the USA. I have heard that you have a far more socialist community with a much less inequality. I believe that you fine the rich more than the poor for traffic infringements - unlike our country where we give handouts and tax cuts to the rich instead!

I live in a Manufactured Home Park in Hervey Bay in Queensland-semi tropical climate which I love. My only misgiving about moving to Denmark is your weather but having been born in the UK, I am willing to give it a try.

However I am also receiving an Australian pension and wondering if I can afford to emigrate to anywhere in Scandinavia because of the high cost of living?

Any information you can supply re aged accommodation/care/villages would be gratefully received.
I would be interested in where to find the warmest parts of Denmark and some idea on the cost of living there?

Hi there,

I have lived in QLD and Denmark. I'm afraid you will not find any place in Denmark that will be good for you weather-wise. The warmest day in the Danish winter would be colder than the coldest day in the QLD summer.

Maybe you should visit Denmark for 3 months before you decide.

Good luck.

You cannot just migrate to Denmark, but I don't think you would like to do so either as the weather isn't warm at all. … _to_dk.htm


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