married to mauritian woman

my friend is married to mauritian woman, he decided to live in Mauritius with his wife, so he has to apply for residence in Mauritius as Male spouse of Mauritian Woman, but He checked the immigration and passport office website, that He should submit the following:

Documentary evidence of financial means for the upkeep of oneself and that of his family (which should include latest Bank Statement, pay-slip, pension-slip and etc).

can anyone help me to clarify this issue of the financial means ?

what is the minimum amount of the "financial means" ?

and are we talking about the applicant's financial means or the mauritian wife's financial means ?

Thanks for your help

I think when I did the same thing, I just showed a latest bank statement and as I already had a job here, I showed them my employment contract as well.

This was the least of the problems with getting all the documents ready. There are loads of other things required.

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Try to have a look at the Life in Mauritius guide. Otherwise I hope others members will be able to help you ;)



My hubby did the same as well - he showed him the latest bank statement + employment contract. however we were able to show our mauritian bank statement as he had his application in 3 months after entering the country. Marcdc is right that the least of your problem....there are heaps more paperwork required.

Good luck!!!

thanks for information, Life in Mauritius guide does not show about residence permit for male spouse of mauritian citizen ,

in this link you get normally all documents for application to residence permit for male spouse of mauritian citizen living there: … 0a0208a0c/

can anyone confirm these documents to be submited ?

and what is the minimum balance in the latest bank statement ?

The list looks the same as what I had to provide. The biggest issues are:

1. Marriage certificate - must be legalised/authenticated by appropriate body
2. Birth certificate - same
3. Letter of morality - need to get the police in your country of nationality to give you a letter saying you have no criminal record.

I advise getting these done before you come to Mauritius.

I don't think there is any minimum amount required in your bank account. As long as you or your wife have a job, or at least some funds to get you by until you find a job, I don't think it will be a major hurdle.

I think it took about 2 months after submitting all the documents until I received the residency letter. However, you can stay in the country whilst the process is being completed, even if your entry visa expires. You can also commence work.

Our situation is a bit different since we got married in Mauritius, but we were asked to show my husband has some revenue by depositing a minimum of 10,000 Roupies in our bank account, so we deposited 10,000 and showed them the bank statement.

Thanks markdc for the list confirmation,
Thanks Sleeping Cookie for minimum 10,000 roupies confirmation, I heard about that from someone else, I hope that didn't change,

I am so shocked to hear that it takes 2 months to get residency letter, thats very long time, why it takes all that time to get a residency letter ?

Am I allowed to travel and stay in my home country until my residency letter is ready to be collected ?

Mauritian bureaucracy - get used to everything being slow, if you plan to live here!

But as I said, you are free to stay and work in the country whilst awaiting the letter, so it is not really a practical issue. And yes, you can travel in and out of the country whilst awaiting the residency letter also.

Once you submit the application, make sure you ask them for an acknowledgment letter stating that your application is in process. This will be evidence to immigration if you need to leave the country after your tourist entry visa expires.

Good luck!

Hello markdc,
when did you get your residency letter as spouse of mauritian ?

I am algerian citizen, I do need a visa to enter mauritius,

Am I exempted from visa to mauritius if I am spouse of mauritian citizen? If so what documents should I show at airport of entry?

I got mine about 2 years ago.

Officially, you may not need a visa to enter Mauritius if you are married to a Mauritius. I am not sure about this though.

However, regardless of whether you do or don't need one, I would strongly recommend that you do get a tourist visa as they may not let you on the plane in the first place without it, and you will definitely have a battle with the Mauritian immigration when you land. Play safe and get the tourist visa.

You will also need to have a return ticket. This is a requirement for any tourist, whether they need a visa or not.

Can my husband work in mauritius with a residence permit? Or does he also have to apply for work permit? Thanks

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