Student Visa Submitted June 2017 - Lets hangout with timelines

Hi all

I have submitted my wife student visa online in mid June 2017 and waiting for a response from INZ.

Please share your timelines if you also in the same boat or a someone already got visa in 2017.


Hi, I have submitted my visa application on June 2017 ( my program will be started on Feb 2018) INZ Mumbai informed me over the phone to withdraw the application and resubmit in December. I have to pay visa fee and medicals again. Is there any regulation for not to apply early.

Hey.. did you get the visa ? If so then can you please share your time frame ?


Here is mine. While I have yet to receive my decision I do not foresee any problems with my application as I sacrifice all the requirements.

08/09/17 - Student Visa Application lodged in Singapore together with Wife's Temporary Visa
09/09/17 - Received notification from Bangkok office that our documents have arrived.
15/09/17 - Decision made on my Student Visa and passport and documents back in Singapore awaiting my wife's decision before being couriered back to us

I am also starting on Feb 2018, but I submitted my application on November. No one asked me to withdraw my application! Did you submit yours?! December seems a bit late since they require long time to process it..

I submitted my application on 08/12 .I was rejected once for student visa. My program starts in March .I expect delays now due to holiday season .
Anyone applied more than once for student visa ? Why were you rejected ?

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