Moving to Bursa

I am living in Austria, Vienna. I am currently learning Arabic and would like to move to a place for some time where the people speak Arabic. I heard there are a lot of Arabs in Bursa, is this true? An Arabic country would be ideal, but as a European citizen, the visa matters are easier for me when travelling to Turkey. Thanks!!

yes * many arabs live in bursa

I think its wrong idea for to learn arabia in Bursa becuse there are not much arabian but can find Syrians but ı m not sure that they want to practice you must go Mardin,Urfa cities for to find Arabian native speakers

Thank you for the replies. I will continue my research and hope for more replies! Thanks!

yeah,that's true and i support that idea...e.g..Martin you might learn both Kurdish and Arabic...

And you almost sound like Hitler when you said that! Racism is not cool dude, it reveal a persons LOW IQ!

I hope I misunderstood you, if not I advice you to educate yourself and increase your IQ.

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