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Is there a healthcare industry community or forum or a group in KL ? My sister needs a job. She's a doctor and MBA and working in management roles lately, with 8 years experience in hospital and healthcare NGO sector. She's not looking for pure medical doctor roles, but healthcare management roles. She's experience in QA and Operations.

What's the best way to find jobs ? Is it through applying online ? Or seek recruitment agencies or individual recruiters ? Which mode will be more effective in this industry. Does in-person visit help ?

I don't think your sister would be able to register to work in clinical care because of the  requirements in Malaysia ( and protectionism. The best route for your sister would be in academia. Nothing much else will work. Pharma companies always need staff and generally your sister could check out Jobstreet to see various vacancies. Plus these: … 0&y=13 … ryCode=127

If she does not speak there will be zero chance of getting employment in the health sector (or elsewhere for that matter)

Hi Gravitas, Wondering what about for Physical Therapist job? Do they accept foreign workers as well?

Yes, because it does not require registration as a medical doctor. There are quite a few practicing in private clinics.

Thanks for your advise. It doesn't seem very rosy picture. I read similarly about medical/doctor profession. I'll surely recommend about academic jobs, although she doesn't have experience in it.

But what about non-medical/doctor jobs in the medicine/healthcare industry ? I'm sure there are a lot of management/operations/QA roles in such organizations, where her medical experience will be an added advantage ? Will this work ? Eg Quality Assurance job in a hospital ? If yes, we should search for jobs in regular job portals  or there's any specific portal for healthcare/hospitals etc. ?

Your sister does not speak the local languages and that would be a major hurdle. The rule is that if the expertise can be found among Malaysian nationals, then a foreigner cannot be hired. The health sector is notoriously difficult because of protectionism. I think jobs get passed around inside the state medical associations. … ce-3326399 … ve-3320236

Many of the private hospitals are part of larger groups so QA is probably handled at senior level internally - which explains why the jobs are rather junior.

Thanks for your help. I understand now, it's about 'local' language as well. I thought English would be good enough. So, jobstreet is our best bet for finding such jobs ? Further, she'll be visiting KL next month on visit. Does in-person visit to such employers help ? How should that be planned ? Will it be useful to contact any recruiter, is that common practice to find job ?

I suggest she sends her CV to private hospitals and see what response is forthcoming and if anyone is willling to meet her. She could ask for mentoring advice on how to move forward. English is not enough - in fact in some hospitals the language required may be Mandarin....

I see. Thanks a bunch for your advise and help.

Sure, she'll email you. Thanks. Pls. guide her appropriately.

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