Looking for girls/females that would like to have a catwalk experience

We are a start up in activewear and we are having an Sport & Leisure event held in Wanchai convention center from 21st-25th of July. Now we are looking for girls who would like to have some fun and experience a catwalk. The fashion show takes only 15 minutes. Since we are a start up we dont have a big budget to hire professional models, but we are sure you are able to do. Now we can cover your  transport cost and give you a goodie bag that consist of our stuff and clothes. Should you have interest , questions or might know someone who could have interest please message me. Thank you very much. Crystal

I suggest that you post this on the jobs section located at the top of this page.

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As a note to any ladies interested in this, a female avatar does not mean this poster is a woman and words aren't always true.
If you go, take a bad tempered MMA fighter (or at least your husband or boyfriend) with you.

thank you for the suggestion! I thought this was the right section, but apparently not.

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