Flying into the DR from Miami

If I am flying into a city in the DR, will I have to book a round trip?  I will be arriving Business Class because of a large amount of luggage.  But if I have to buy a refund ticket to Miami that I do not plan to use, would it make sense to make two booking and for the return flight book a cheap coach seat?

Book a refundable ticket then return the ticket once you fly to DR

Make return ticket refundable. Simple

Use curb side check in, give him your confirmation, they never ask to see a return ticket.  With a lot of bags, youare very tired so he gets boarding pass etc. Give a very good tip.  You can buy your retun ticket h   ere in the DR.  This saves you a great deal of time & questions.  You will receive several ideas & lots of info here.  Pick whatever is best for you.  Have fun & relax. Most of all, welcome to the DR.

You take the chance on being stopped at the gate and forced to buy an expensive.last minute ticket.

It doea not always happen. Your decision - - your risk!

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