Buying a car

I'm To DR trying buy me a used car any advice are help

Start searching online.  join some facebook groups for your area. Check the classifieds here

Make sure you use carfax and a mechanic. Dont trust anyone's word!

Your best bet will be to find a car being sold by an expat who either bought new or brought their own vehicle to the DR. 
Face book for your area is a good start also many of the larger local stores (grocery for sure) have bulletin boards with ads posted.
Yes USE carfax.  Many if not all used cars brought in by dealers either have bad titles in the US (flood, junk) or have had the miles rolled back significantly. I looked at one that left Miami 3 weeks before I saw it with 100k more miles on it that what it showed here.
Expect to pay about 30% more then blue book value for new or used here.

Bob K

Had the same experience Bob with a company vehicle - written off in  USA and brought here, fixed, miles rolled back and then sold by a dealer!!!!

Buyer beware.

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