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Hello again, and thank you.

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He may be out working just now.

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I see Planner Darling is on the case.


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I can recommend. Cruffman! He knows what he is talking about!

Same here. Cruffman has one of the best reps on the island for making sure the vehicle you're getting is what you're paying for.

thanks for the kind words, DRob...much appreciated.

Thank you, planner, and all who chimed in to help. I've successfully connected with "The Car Guru", and am eagerly anticipating some wheels in the near future!

We are excited that MIke Cruffman is currently assisting us with a truck purchase for our arrival in the next week or so. Mike is saving us a great of legwork in looking at the available options.

i will have cars for both you guys by the weekend..

Hello all. Just a quick note to let you know that my wife and I are now the grateful owners of our perfect car - courtesy of Mike!
I've put up a separate post about it, under the heading: "Our car-buying experience in the DR". I think you'll enjoy reading it.
Once more, many thanks to all of you - especially "planner".

He has a string of satisfied buyers in the country...

The Car Concierge !!

Glad to be of assistance as well!

Good day all. Really enjoy looking at the posts on this forum. It's a great way to find information. I will be arriving in Sosua May 7 from Edmonton, Canada and my wife will be following end of June to begin our retirement. Currently in the process of applying for temp residency visa, so I will have to go back once (hopefully) approved to get passport stamped, then start the process in DR.
My question at this time is I would like to buy a car soon after my arrival and I was wondering how to transfer the amount to the car seller. I would think you wouldn't just go to the bank and several hundred thousand pesos. Anyone have experience with doing this?
And I will certainly seek out advice from Mr. Cuffman to help me out. Especially as my Spanish is extremely limited.
I'm sure I will be pestering you all for advice and guidance over the next while as we try to navigate the whole process, but everyone here seems so helpful. Many thanks in advance.

Cruffman will help you there.

I wired money to the dealer for my purchase.

Bear in mind that all talk and transfer will be in US $$

We agreed on a bank cheque using my DR Scotiabank US Dollar account. You pay a very small commission for this but it is a quick secure way.

I was planning on shipping my car but was advised not a good idea but if buying a car is so difficult and chancy I am unsure of what way to go now.

it does have its challenges, and that is why people like myself are negotiate for you from a position of strength. just let me know what you are looking for, and i will find you a good copy, at a good price..

the importation thing is not a great idea, because it adds the government taxes to the price of the car, and you lose badly when you try to sell it..

i sent you a pm, robear. any questions, please shoot me one, too...

Cruffman is right and he is highly recommended!

Bringing in a vehicle is rarely worth it.  Taxes, duty, shipping costs add up.  And unless it is vehicle common to here, good luck getting parts or finding a mechanic who actually knows how to fix it!

Importing under the New Resident provision changes the duty impact
But a rare vehicle can be problematic, as Planner says.

planner makes a very important point about vehicle differences. . what has to be taken into account is that factories make different versions of the  same car for different markets. laws call for differing manufacturing approaches and requirements. a car made for the US market, and one for the Dominican market, might have the same outward appearances, but details in the construction may vary.  safety structures, such as bumpers and their shock aborbers might be different, because the USA and Canada call for more rigid standards. so, you might bring your car from the USA, and get into a hard front end collision, only to find that some of the structural parts you need to repair it are not readily available, because the Dominican version is different.

My daughter lives in Río San Juan and she has to return to our country, she wants to sell her car (Chevrolet spark 2019) with only 4 months of use and bought at Chevrolet Santo Domingo, any idea? Not to loose too much.

Contact Cruffman on this site. He can likely help sell it privately!

So satisfied with Mike Cuffman he found me just what I wanted lt looks and ride like a new car. he took care of everything . He knows what he is doing. He also  has giving me a wealth of information.  Thank you Mike my friend and brother. Also im  thankful for

thank you, James. we both know it was a struggle, and we both got discouraged for a while, but it worked out well in the end. Enjoy it in the best of health, sir.

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