Shipping a ATV to the Dominican Republic

I have a 2006 Arctic Cat 2 up ATV (Quad) that I would like to ship from Canada to the Dominican Republic.

I understand when shipping a car, it cannot be more than 5 years old.  Does anyone know if this rule applies to shipping an ATV into the country.

I realize it would be easier to buy in the Dominican than trying to ship; but this bike is just sitting in the garage doing nothing and is still like new.  It would be really nice to get this machine into the DR, as we are spending our winters there now.


It will cost you big time to ship this in and you will pay significant taxes - minimum 18% tax PLUS the duty plus the cost of shipping plus the cost of a customs person to help get it cleared.

AND I  do not know if the  5 year rule applies. Sorry.  You are way better to sell it there and buy something here.

Plus the cost of the first license plate will set you back a pretty penny as well.

My advice buy one here.

Bob K

Thank you.  I have been looking to buy a 2up ATV machine here, but I cannot seem to find one.  I have looked in Punta Cana and in Las Terrenas.  I have been searching online trying to find a dealer that would sell them in Santa Domingo, but no success.

Do you know of any ATV dealers that I could contact to find one.

contact the tour companies that offer ATV tours.   There are many of them. Inquire as to how & where they acquired theirs.   You are sure to find the answer your'e looking for.   Be sure to stress your problem with bringing yours into the DR.  That way you will not pose a threat as a potential competition to them.   Sometimes they have a couple of used ones for sale also.   Good luck in your quest.

Thank you, I will give that a try.

There are dealers all over the north coast and if I recall a large dealer in Las Terrenas on the main street going into town.

Bob K

Excursion companies will import them easily with a tax exemption that you do not qualify for, so that may or may not help you.

If you check the local ads and bulletin boards (we have them hanging  in may of the larger grocery stores) and the local "gringo" papers you will find used ones for sale.  Many times by expats who are leaving and have records on upkeep on the quad.

Bob K

Great idea... but need to be here to do it!  So,  do what you can from there but know not much will happen until you are here.

That is true and those vehicles listed on the local bulletin boards that are of quality tend to go quickly.  I sold my truck using the local gringo paper in 3 days.

Bob K

Oh and the funny thing was I sold it to a Dominican :D

Bob K

Check out
and then also look at

for dealers.  There are some there, bigger probably than anywhere else in country, just speculating.

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I would contact a shipper and ask them. Any company that regularly works in that area should know. If you need a lead on one, I've used this company before … public.php (internationally, but not from Canada to DR). I'm sure they would know. You should probably ask about how much the import tax is too if you are allowed to bring it in. I'm sure it's excessive.

Edit: Sorry, I thought this was more current when I answered. n/m

Thanks for trying!

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