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My husband (Chilean) and I (Canadian) are planning to move to the Cabarete area next fall. My retired father will be moving with us. He is planning to spend 6 months in the DR and 6 months in Canada. My husband and I would likely spend more of the year in the DR and only a few months in Canada.
Other posts that I've read, I understand that we would first need to get Temporary Residencia. And renew from there for more permanent status.
My husband and I have a finishing business in Ontario. Kitchen cabinet spray finishing and refinishing. As well as vanities and furniture. We are hoping to start the same business in the Cabarete area. As well, we will be looking to purchase a house that has more than 1 guest house on the property, so we will be able to rent to other expats who don't want to purchase.
In order to begin the legal process for these to businesses, talking to lawyer in Cabarete would be our first step? We will be in Cabarete this fall to start the ball rolling. What are some of the ball park legal fees for permits, licenses, etc? Having a consultation with a lawyer, to get some concrete info, is there a cost for that?
Will we be required to hire a minimum # of Dominican employees for the finishing business (it's definitely a skilled trade)?
We would like to make contact with developers and other expats for growth potential of our business.
Thank you in advance for any feedback any of you might have
Cheers, Tish Green

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I am a business consultant and can help. First incorporation, residencia etc. I am also a labor code specialist. There is no requirement to hire a specific number but their are rules to be aware of in terms of % of local and foreign employees and teicks to understand.

I would need to know a lot more to give you ball park figures on the various pieces needed as well as you will need.

Good you are investigating and making a trip. Why Cabarete for this?

We are looking at the Cabarete area as we have been to a few different areas in the DR and we like that area the best. We don't intend on purchasing property before we move as we want to explore the Northern coast a little more to ensure that's our chosen place.
To incorporate, is that step done in Canada or the DR?

My husband and I don't actually need any employees to operate our that's ok legally to NOT have any local employees?

I corporation is done here. Nope you dont need any local employees but you both need residencia then. That starts on Canada.

Nothing really to add.  Planner has got you covered.  We have lived in the Cabarete area for the last 11 years so if  you have any "living" questions I may be able to help

Bob K

Planner, we're planning to move (either buy or rent) in the Las Terranas area - but not sure what the rules are about how long you can stay without "over stay" fees?  If we buy, we can become residents - if we rent, can we become residents? Or, do we have to keep leaving the country and coming back every 6 months?

Our overstay fine kicks in at 30 days.  You can become residents based on "income" or until you know you want to stay, just pay the overstay when you leave.

Rent rent rent for 6 to 12 months then look to buy!!!

Don't worry about residency till you decide to make this your home.  Just pay the over stay fees when you leave.  No need to leave every 30 days. Here is the fee scheduled:
    31 DÍAS A 90 DÍAS    2,500.00
   3 A 9 MESES    4,000.00
   9 A 12 MESES    5,000.00
    12  A 18 MESES    6,500.00
    18 A 24 MESES    8,000.00
    24  A 30 MESES    9,500.00
   30 A 36 MESES    11,000.00
   36 A 48 MESES    16,000.00
    48 A 60 MESES    20,000.00
The schedule goes on beyond this but this covers the first 5 years.  Remember these prices are in pesos

Bob K

That's what we were thinking. We've been to the DR 4X in the past, but in Cabarete. We thought we'd check out Las Terranas and it looks great on the internet. Checking it out in October for 2 weeks vaca. Just was wondering if you rent, how often you might have to leave the country and come back - in Costa Rica I know we'd have to.

You dont have to here. You simply pay an overstay fine. Once you decide to live here, get residency

Correct you  NEVER have to leave just pay the fee.

Bob K

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