Festival La Leche Fresca - Hatillo

There is a festival in Hatillo today and Sunday , two places mentioned (Sports Center and Plaza Agricola). there will be a rodeo, trips to how cows are raised and milked, agriculture information, food, music by the famous "Gran Combo". A little of everything, stop by don't miss it.
Fresh Milk Festival is the translation.

Next wknd start the "Festival de las Flores" in Aibonito as well. Lajas will be having their annual festival too.

Also el "Festival de la Hamaca " en San Sebastian is next week. Plenty of outdoor activities for the family this summer.

Dang,  wish we were back in Hatillo!    Probably a band and doings at the square.   Would love to go to a rodeo in PR, haven't been to one of those since we left Montana.

Sitka, you can not miss the Festival de la Hamaca, you can buy many different styles of hammock there.

Damm,  I miss the island!

For those that like salsa music, tomorrow is the annual salsa festival in Ponce. Over 10 bands will be playing in the coliseum.

Queso de Vaca Negra?

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