Recognition of foreign qualifications in Mauritius

Hello everyone,

Were your professional qualifications recognised in Mauritius? What country did you complete your qualifications in? What profession are you in?

Did you have to go through any formalities to get your qualifications recognised, such as to have them translated?

If your qualifications weren't recognised, were there any additional tests or exams you had to complete before you were able to practice your profession in Mauritius or continue with your studies?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


My degree is recognized here. I studied and practiced in South Africa but I have to sit the medical board exam later this year.

Dear Priscilla

Good question. Fortunately for me I had no real issues with the government recognizing my credentials.



I was a qualified social worker in the UK with a BA hons . Sadly age goes against me here , most jobs dont want applicants over 40yrs. Many people have also told me that I am overqualified. Guess all my years with disabled children and fostering counted for nothing. Shame, I would have loved to share my experience and gain some new learning.

We have a number of people who work for us with degrees from outside Mauritius (engineering,IT, telecommunications etc. but it may depend on the industry sector.
Also we have no age barrier.

Tinauk... That's a real shame and smacks of the somewhat backward thinking of this islands Established culture. With a population that has many people looking for decent work it's perhaps not surprising such things as 'unstated' restricted age barriers to employment play a determining role (there's also a fair degree of who you know in the right political circles that helps put candidates into working positions, island mentality I'm afraid, it's not going to change overnight , if at all... ever).
That's a great big shame as your background and experience sounds like it could really be a great asset to development here. Perhaps you need to pitch all that experience to a much higher level and post ... eg a managerial / director or human resource development in social work here ? Just a thought ... What have you got to lose. I'm about to add my own comment to this thread on my qualifications regarding work here ... Hope you find joy with yours. Regards Danny.
(Noticed the next persons comment by Jkev....offers employment with no age restrictions, thumbs up Jkev)

Well I got directed to this thread by an email notification sent out by the super cute Pricilla (at least her thumbnail profile looks very cute) on qualifications in Mauritius.
Well, lucky for me I don't have a need to work here (at least not for the foreseeable future) but I did do an IT course here over 13 years ago when I tried a stint of living here (then I went back to UK) eventually I took it to degree BSc level so it would have no problem being recognised here. I've also done proper hard graft as a digital marketing consultant in the UK first gaining early SEO experience then later bumping up work experience in digital online marketing managing a small in house team for an sme. While formerly on my IT course in Mauritius I also elected to do industry work experience (I knew that experience as a student would provide better standing against the other students who mostly elected to do class theoretical projects), in more than one placement, but I would not wish to work in such environments... I'm not expecting things here to be like Europe, I simply don't want to work for others here, from what I've seen. That's just My choice.
I've also UK state qualified in UK as an RMN (I.e. psychiatric nurse, state registered) and have an officially approved therapeutic counselling certificate. (I left that career to pursue IT)
My BA hons in western philosophy was more for my own interest, I guess for that one it's a degree that has general, with less practical, work application.
I think all my qualifications would be recognised here as I've made sure they were all obtained from highly recognised sources. I simply have no desire to use them here in Mauritius for work. Although I do use very slightly my digital knowledge for my windsurfing Watersports participation here on the island along with my growing interest in photography, but that's more a passion and so it doesn't feel like work.
Interestingly I've been asked to produce a quote for doing some work precisely for this... I'm still deciding if I will take this on. ... Working for ones passion ... That's got to be the ultimate ?
I imagine that if one has the right industry work experience then supporting qualifications will likely be recognised (but knowing the right contacts here goes a fair way too over here to getting a look in for quite a number of jobs , especially the government posts).
I look forward to reading others comments on this specific thread with interest.

I was applying to teach in high school. I had to go to Equivalence Council to get my degrees verified. They give their recommendations of what you can teach and their grading level for salary purposes. Then you can apply to jobs accordingly. Hope it helps.

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