house in podgore.

Hi.ok where to mate and I have just bought house in podgore and already after reading about craiova builders I'm thinking maybe we've made mistake .unfortunately in some respects my 40yrs as a joiner and working to a high level of workmanship is going to be greatly tested.we are revisiting the house 15th July and be staying in vidin.any one out there with words of wisdom or indeed warning!

Don't let them psych you out and always move forward.

Hi.very deep reply!  Possibly too deep for a Scotsman.much appreciated

Hi,  when we first arrived in Bulgaria some 9 years ago the quality of the builders work was somewhat dodgy but since then, a lot have since had experience of working around europe and we have noticed a vast improvement.  Now at least they bring their own tools and clear up after themselves!!! Communicating what you want may be an issue.  Drawings help!  Also bare in mind that what we want may 1) not be available and 2) not suitable for the weather i.e. even colder than Scotland in the winter and more snow ;)

Thanks for your advice. As the house will only be used in summer I'm hoping to keep works to a minimum eg inside toilet shower septic tank.looking forward to explore vidin area already stayed in Belogradchik. And yes language is a problem however I built a house in Estonia and never managed Estonian or Russian! .being in building trade all my life however my enthusiasm to start again is nil.I'll keep you updated. Kind regards Neil


You will get there in the end just enjoy the rollercoaster

Morning Bulgaria. We are coming to vidin on 24th July for few days to meet a builder with regards to our house in podgore. Being in the trade myself getting only one quote is not healthy. If there is anyone around vidin you could recommend who would be interested in giving us a quote please contact me. Hopefully weather may be a bit cooler. Too hot for guys from Scotland! .cheers

Hey Murren :)

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How much work is needed, will you be leaving them to work, or would you be work alongside them? 

Its always fun renovating houses outside your home country, I am still doing mine 8 years on in Austria.

Hi.yes building your own home is possibly fun but when you're 60yrs old been a joiner for 40 odd years the fun factor isn't the same! (Haha).I built a house in Estonia several years ago and couldn't mentally go through that again. Work required. Inside toilet shower septic only to be used in summer. I'd love to over see the work but realistically it can't happen. Trust in contractors is my major problem.

Well local builders tend to work better if you are around, they also might even close windows and lock doors although I stress might, now as for cleaning up as they go along I can't fathom that one out!!

This looks interesting - … garia.html

Cheers for your thoughts. I'm thinking I'm going to struggle to find a decent guy who does the old fashioned job satisfaction! .Really don't fancy doing it myself with language and sourcing materials etc.I'll live in hope! .must be one decent tradesman in vidin.

Hi.thanks for your research. From my past experience any company website especially in the building trade  who goes to so much expensive advertising at the end of the day it's the client whoes paying for it. I stress it's only my personal opinion. I'll find someone in vidin my biggest problem is going to be language. Especially being Scottish! .cheers pal.

SimCityAT :

This looks interesting - … garia.html

That's a great link I had a local builder who helped me but he went cold when the smaller jobs appeared and where then are you left? I like the traditional re-build I have a farm house and barn and had new floor boards in although a good idea it then reminded me how the old "cob style" walls ran out, but again it is traditional and rustic, a far cry from modern builds of smooth lines etc.... I did decide on taking out the joining mud brick wall and clay floor which opened up a basement and lowered the floor level easy all round for access.
Good luck with the renovations Steve

Wonder where YOU live to be so blessed. Clean up after themselves and not leave every job about 3/4 finished? Not where I live, but then all decent builders have gone to Belgium etc and only the dregs left :(

I'd recommend going on the expat fb pages- I think there should be one for your region, and there are plenty of others where you can ask for recommends in your region. Good luck!

Hi people. We are in vidin on 24th _28th July. I am still looking for a builder /plumber to do work in podgore. Thought I had one but he's dissapeard! .please if you know anyone let me know. There's a few malt whiskeys in it.! Cheers in hope.

Hi Neil,

You could try this company?  My brother in law has used them and the guy running it, Nik, is fluent in English.
What stood out about him, is that when he says he's coming, he does! He's very prompt and also, as my brother in law doesn't live here full time, he provided emails daily with photos detailing what work had been carried out that day. While he was not necessarily the cheapest, my brother in law was very pleased with the standard of workmanship from his company and the daily communications gave him peace of mind from afar.

Hope it is of some help to you, and good luck!


Wrong website, don't touch with a barge pole! Please hang fire, I'll find the correct one for you!  Sorry about that! 😱

HI Neil,

Apologies, this is the correct link now.

Much appreciated information. I called nick he is nice guy however his company does not work in Vidin area.So my search continues. Again thanks for taking the time to respond.

Aw, that's such a shame! I'll put my thinking cap back on ;-)

To be fair you'd expect if someone wanted the job they'd drive a few mile to strike up a deal? Obviously this guy is either too busy or doesn't need the job? You never know he may know of a building contractor who works nearer Vidin?
Best wishes Steve.

It's just a few days before we go to vidin was hoping I'd have a builder sorted and wed be having a few pints discussing the job.sadly this is looking a dream as the days go bye. Possibly need to revaluate the situation.

Hi,There was a man on ebay yes ebay  i know But he was from the UK  and was selling fitting Tanks in all parts of Bulgaria ,if i can find the add i will post it.

I have a house in Rakovitsa just up the road, my local builder works as a rain maker in the summer seading  the clouds. He speaks a little English. I am coming out in March, be good to meet up if you want. My UK no. Is **** Regards Nick

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